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#3. So Why Can’t I hear the Lord?

So why can’t I hear the Lord?  The 3rd Reason – “Your life is filled with other things”

In our last two posts, we looked at what stops people from wanting to hear God’s voice.  The first reason was misguided beliefs; “our Creator doesn’t talk to us anymore since the last apostles”.  With others, it is just plain ignorance that it is possible He does and wants to talk to us.  It doesn’t occur to some people that He wants a real relationship with them!

The second big reason is – we might be afraid of what He might ask of us.  Is He really the “scary Judge who waits for us to do wrong so He can hit us over the head”.  People have a wrong idea of the nature of God.  We are encouraged to balance an all-powerful, everywhere present, all knowing God  with understand His overall plan for humans.  We fear what He might ask of us – “to give up this or go there and we really just want to do what we want to do”.

The third possible reason people don’t want to, or can’t hear from our Creator is that something or someone has blocked their view.  As humans beings we can ‘replace’ His central place in our hearts with other things, people, events or images.  Without God in the proper place in our lives, we look to others or to other things as ‘our source of life’.

It might be our job, our family, our spouse or even our house and car.  We get our eyes on this or that things to find meaning in life.  … but sadly, people find out that things or even other people can be disappointing and let us down.

This is called ‘idolatry’.  Remember we each one have our own set of idols – maybe not physical ones like other cultures but they are there.  The problem is when we have something that we see as the source of our life – whether a person or things, a job or even good events – they can replace God in our lives.

In our very busy worlsds, we often get caught up into various things, events and other people.  It is a common complaint: “I do not have enough time to do everything”.  Sad to say, this often means that somewhere the Lord gets left out too.  What ‘feeds us’, gives us meaning and helps us keep going at that busy pace can be what stands between us and our Lord.

So what do we do about this?

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