#2d. Personal Worksheet – The Wounds we Still Carry

The aim of this worksheet is to rate your own knowledge about some symptoms of bondages in your own life and your ability to handle life’s issues.  Rate yourself on a scale of 1 — > “I have very little of this in my life.” ….. to 5 — > “I have a great deal of trouble this area.”  Be aware that it is your measuring stick you are using on yourself and not necessarily how others might see you.

   1. ___ Depression:  Do you have periods of anger, guilt or unhappiness that come and go without any seemingly logical reasons?  Are you unhappy more than you are happy?  Do you have a history of depression?2. ____ Anxiety:  Do you suffer from disturbed sleep patterns, feeling you are not getting enough sleep or generalized nervousness, excessive worry or anxiety about pleasing others?3. ____ Anger and Irritations:  Do you find you are in a rage at others, scream or have difficulty controlling your anger?  Do your friends, spouse, co-workers, fellow church members or employees spark anger or intimidation in you?

4. ____ Problems with relationships:  Do you find you have trouble with on-going relationships, frequent breakups with friends?  Are there people in your life you cannot live with but cannot live without?

5. ____ Fears and Phobias:  Are you finding yourself in situations where you are afraid of being in crowds, using elevators, flying, driving in traffic or darkness?  Do you ever have unexplained feelings of panic?

6. ____ Perfectionism:  Do you except too much of yourself, over-produce or feel overly guilty when you do not do the very best possible?  Do you expect flawless behaviour or work from others?  Do the mistakes of others make you frustrated or angry, impatient or correcting?

7. ____ Inner Masks:  Are you aware of times when you behave differently with certain people compared to other people?  Do you find yourself striving to check out other’s opinions of you and then adjusting your behaviour to what you think is their expectations?

8. ____ Compulsive Behaviours:  Do you find yourself doing something that is logically irrational, repetitive, and habitual and that you wish you could stop but you cannot?  Do you see patterns of compulsive over-achievement, over-working or pushing yourself beyond a healthy limit?  Do you find patterns of eating disorders, over-eating, compulsive neatness, over the top religious thinking, over exercising or any other areas of driven behaviours?  Do you find yourself caught in repetitive checking doors, windows or cleaning patterns?

9. ____ Compulsive Addictions:  Are you aware of patterns of substance abuse in your life, such as alcohol, smoking, drugs of any kind, food, sex, pornography?  Do you find certain activities or substances bring a release of your daily frustrations?

10. ____ Problems with your Sexuality:  Do you use certain things to help you not think about, or face the problems in your life?  Have you used sex as a way out of the pain of your life?  Do you have trouble controlling your mental fantasies about relations outside of marriage?  Have you had multiple sexual partners who you have not worked through?

11. ____ Your Spirituality:  Do you have trouble relating to God as a Father?  Do you find reading the Word or trying to worship God a struggle?  Even thought you may really want to get closer to God, you find difficulty in achieving this goal?  Have you ever faced and resolved the hurt from ‘lost loves’ of the past?  Any body and soul ties that exist?

Adapted from The Complete Life Encyclopaedia, “Inner Child” page 362-363.

If you found you had a score of over 30 points, we would suggest you seek competent help to deal with ‘the left-over’ of issues still in your life. 

I hope you have found this of value in your walk with the Lord Jesus,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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