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Christian Foundations presents the Book: ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’

August 9, 2015

 stewardship In the book, ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’, Dr. John R. Frank digs into his yearning for a more wholistic approach to the life of the steward than just asking for or giving money.  Many of those who have seen this as the goal in their life have ended up with a puzzle of stress, too little time, not enough talent – a ‘rubric cube’ in their Christian life.

The course for true stewardship thinking is more deeply set in the book’s opening chapters. A series of short and challenging musings about a wholistic approach to the life of the steward follow.  Each one is designed to provoke individual reflection and group conversation, coming from John’s own struggle to grow in the grace of generosity.

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Hearing God Presents an Amazing Project – the Mulli Childrens’ Family in Kenya Africa

August 10, 2015

From time to time, we present great Website or Blog we have found. It’s hard to find good news in the Mully icon photoworld today but we want to show you an amazing project happening in Kenya, Africa! Let’s start with some YouTube background on the Mulli Children’s Family in ‘Father to the Fatherless’.


Crossroads Missions has partnered with Mulli Children’s family for eleven years, and now many of you are part of a great God story. Charles Mulli is a former Kenyan street kid turned millionaire, who gave everything away in 1989, and shocked his wealthy family by bringing 3 street kids into their home. Since then, they have rescued over 7000 children and currently offer support to over 2000 more. Children who once were without hope, are excelling in academics, sports and arts and becoming productive leaders in their communities.


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10/19 Forgiveness means taking Responsibility for your own Growth in Hearing God

August 30, 2015

When you begin to acknowledge and accept the accountability for your own life, you will begin to understand women w glassesthat your role in creating the results you want in yours and God’s hands.  As an adult, you have the responsibility in your hands.  No matter what your life’s circumstances, you can no longer dodge the fact of your own input into where you are today.

If we haven’t learned to take responsibility, we will misdiagnose every problem.  If we get the diagnose wrong, we will get the treatment wrong and end up with another broken expectation.  Resisting or denying this basic principle keeps us in the realm of fantasy as the victim of life.  We must deal with our issues in the way the Creator designed us.

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