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10/15 Determine to Recognise what stops your growth in Hearing God

June 2, 2015information

FB Life StratiesOne of the factors in your growth in Hearing God, is the understanding of what stops you from growing, both personally and in God.  I have been reading an interesting book we could apply to our topic on hearing your Creator’s voice as well as I the secular world.  The following is a brief summary of the 9 ‘Life Laws’ or basic rules that govern our universe and human behaviour from the book by Dr. Philip C. McGraw called ‘Life Strategies’.

The person you most need to stand up to in this world is you.  In the war called “life”, most of the decisive battles are fought within you.   Once you learn ‘the rules of the game’, we can learn to get what we need and want.  Learn how to plan the game and you will be amazed at the difference in your own life.

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