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Tired of Walking into Walls in your Personal Growth?

May 7, 2015

Walking into Walls bestI have a new book recommended! I’ve added it to my blogs so you can see what others are reading too!

Have you ever heard yourself say: “As hard as I try, life never turns out like I hoped”. “Why is it that everyone has better friends than I do?” “I would be so happy if it weren’t for him (or her).” “No one can know my secret; I’ve got to deal with it on my own.” “I’ve messed up so badly, God will never forgive me.”

Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

Along the lines of ‘Co-dependent no more’, ‘Walking into Walls’ helps you see the walls that stop growth and relationships. We think we protect ourselves but must disable stuff within. Best-selling author, radio host, and counsellor Stephen Arterburn identifies five prison walls, or blind spots, that will hold you captive and block the amazing things God wants to do in your life,

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10/14 Recognising Truth is part of Hearing God and Maturity

May 21, 2015

phoneSo far in our Hearing God blog, we have touched on the first point in our grown as Jesus Followers – to learn to Relinquish.   Sometimes it is important to tie the next word in our series on ‘the 10 steps to Freedom in Christ’ with …. Recognise.

Many people have pointed out the fact that we live in a very self-cantered society.  We are encouraged to be independent and learn to take care of your own needs.  Human nature enhances this with a “After me, everyone come next….”.  You can see it in the business and political world but also in the media, on the roads and in the jungle we call life.


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