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10/10 To Recognise the Truth is Essential in Hearing God!

March 14, 2015

We now move deeper into ‘ Relinquish’ with the second in our ‘R’s of Maturity in Jesus’. Any guess what that might be? We next need to ‘Recognize’, to able to hear and to see what the Holy Spirit is asking of us. It is here we pause and let Him examine the inner, hidden parts of the Heart that only He can see. He deals with past involvements with the enemy and with learning to protect that precious Heart.

For all of us, this is an ongoing process we come back to when ever the Holy convicts of anything. Then we need to move into learning how to do this, how to walk closer to Him. As one person said: “We need to learn to sit with Him before we can stand with Him. Then we can learn to walk with Him”.


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10/11 What does the Creator Require us to let go?

March 18, 2015address

When facing the issues in our own life, we need to hear God on a topic called ‘Stronghold’.  Everyone has a system of girl with dadpersonal strongholds.  Some of our strongholds are set before we are even born.

As we have said in past posts, the vast majority of Christians come into God’s kingdom with worldly mindsets, ingrained bad habits, deep set judgements, biases, undealt with hurts, old forgiveness issues and other assorted heart stuff.  These ‘fortified structures’ of false beliefs are what the Bible refers to as ‘strongholds’.

We inherited some of these strongholds through our foundations from Adam and Eve.  We acquired both God-given traits and after the Fall, their self-centred, independent Sin-nature.  We then added generations of ethnic, cultural, national and historical attitudes and thinking patterns.  Next, we developed more complex networks of attitudes through our family of origin (FOO) traditions, their values and expectations. Finally, we personally added more ‘bricks’ to our personal strongholds by our own faulty choices and behaviours.  What a mess!

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Your Practical Time to ‘Relinquish’ as you hear your Creator

March 18, 2015

women at computerSo far we have laid out the 10 Steps to Freedom in being a Jesus follower.  Remember what they were?  It’s true that we are not all on one step or another; everyone’s growth is individual.  When some people find the true Lord Jesus, there is so turning around, they are able to ‘Relinquish’ most of the chains that keep them locked into the old nature and a life of drugs, alcohol or gambling.  Their conversion to Jesus is so dramatic that they can step into God’s kingdom with a once and for all leap!


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10/12 Before the Next Growth Step in Hearing God for Maturity in Christ

March 28, 2015content

 So how did you go in allowing the Holy Spirit to convict you of anything He wanted to deal with?  hearing shell1abWhere you able to open your Heart enough for Him to show you something?  Remember we all start out needed this kind of personal growth when we become a Jesus Follower.

Because this is a process, please do not move onto the next step unless you can honestly answer “yes’ to that question.  We do want to make this as workable for you as possible.  We live at a time in history when there are more versions of the Bible available in our western countries, more books written on the subject of Christian life —- and yet we live in a time when there is more brokenness in the church than ever!  Why?


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Life Law #2: Face the 4 Common Reactions to Change

March 2, 2015

FB Life StratiesMost people have cheated themselves out of the life that God wants to give them by settling for less that they are worth.  We can also cheat ourselves by not looking at the real issues and asking the hard questions.

Be willing to ask the Hard Questions: “Am I really headed where I want to go?”  “Is what I have settled for out of being safe, easy or not as scary rather than get what I really want?” “Am I taking life as it is – just because it has always been that way?” What would I like to see changed?”

Determine right now to let the rest of humanity live in the fog of self-deception and you and God can change your life.


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