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10/9 Determination to face and ‘Relinquish’ in Hearing God

February 24, 2015home

So we now continue to look at those who chose to let go their pride, denial and self-sufficient philosophies to girl at sunsetaccept this one called Jesus of Nazareth.   This is really the beginning of the journey as no one – accept Jesus Himself – fully relinquishes everything, all at once.  It’s taking one step at a time, in response to the Great Counsellor, the conviction of the Holy Spirit; that’s how healing happens.  Again it’s the Law of sowing and reaping.

So what sorts of things does the Lord God ask for? 

“Jackie sat fidgeting in her chair, obviously wishing she was anywhere but sitting in the counselling room with me.  She had reluctantly made the appointment and I knew there were deep and painful issues she needed to share.


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