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Cuppa’ with Susanne – new series in Hearing God

September 12, 2014

cuppa 16Welcome back everyone!  Have time to stop and have a ‘Cuppa with me?  It’s a warm sunny day here on the eastern Sunshine Coast of Australia.  We’ve taken a break from cold wintery Melbourne    ……. and I’m setting out our next series.

So yes, I begin a new series!  I want to stop and reflect on what it means to be a Christian, a real Jesus Follower.  Sad to say, so many people sit in the church building without a living, dynamic relationship with either their Creator or the Holy Spirit He sent.  Church life for many is more tradition, what’s expected or what they have always thought being a Christian meant.


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A Prayer for your Heart as you Listen to God

September 3, 2014news

As we start bringing this sessions to a close, here are two meditations you can pray for your heart.  Remember, we always need to include our heart when we come to the Lord.  It is too easy to try and follow Him ‘with our head’ rather than with our heart!

#1.  Prayer for your Heart:

Well Lord Jesus, my heart does want to follow You.  I repent for the times I have just accepted this to happen without my will being involved.  I can see the Holy Spirit has called me from slavery in Egypt and onto another path with Him.  Sometimes I think I am standing before You but with fear and doubt in my Heart.  You know that and You are calling my Heart to trust You more on this Journey of Life.


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