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10/6 “Relinquish” means what for the new Believer in Hearing God?

December 16, 2014

fireworks3So far we have seen that the first step toward in being a Jesus Follower is to be willing to ‘Relinquish’ our own ways of doing things, defence masks and be willing to step into a different mind-set. “Maybe …. Just maybe I need to check out what this Jesus thing is all about…”  To do that means to lay aside the self-satisfied ways of doing things … and just maybe find a whole new world hidden behind that veil of doubt and ignorance.

When we take that step, it doesn’t mean that we fall into a bed of roses. Life will never be the same again but what changes when the Holy Spirit touches your Heart?  For some people, nothing seems to change immediately.  For others, fireworks and great joy opens heaven’s doors.

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Cuppa’ with Susanne – new series in Hearing God

September 12, 2014

cuppa 16Welcome back everyone!  Have time to stop and have a ‘Cuppa with me?  It’s a warm sunny day here on the eastern Sunshine Coast of Australia.  We’ve taken a break from cold wintery Melbourne    ……. and I’m setting out our next series.

So yes, I begin a new series!  I want to stop and reflect on what it means to be a Christian, a real Jesus Follower.  Sad to say, so many people sit in the church building without a living, dynamic relationship with either their Creator or the Holy Spirit He sent.  Church life for many is more tradition, what’s expected or what they have always thought being a Christian meant.


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Hearing God & How to get the best from this study

October 12, 2014

people2This study has been written for those who wish a deeper and more vital relationship with the loving Lord Jesus Christ. These 10 ‘R’s’ or 10 Steps are not a magic formula or a superstitious law for immediate growth.  We present this as a procedure to follow for your own walk.

This study is birthed out of over 25 years of counselling experience, ministering to the new Christian as well as to those who have walked a long part of their journey already. While these steps are designed to be followed in order, we do realise the Holy Spirit may lead you into a different order or spend more time on new step and not on another.  However, the aim is a deeper deliverance they you have ever had before!

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Hearing God presents: ‘Walking into Walls’

October 18, 2014

Book: Walking into Walls I have a new book recommended! I’ve added it to my blogs so you can see what others are reading too!

Have you ever heard yourself say: “As hard as I try, life never turns out like I hoped”. “Why is it that everyone has better friends than I do?” “I would be so happy if it weren’t for him (or her).” “No one can know my secret; I’ve got to deal with it on my own.” “I’ve messed up so badly, God will never forgive me.”

Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

Along the lines of ‘Co-dependent no more’, ‘Walking into Walls’ helps you see the walls that stop growth and relationships. We think we protect ourselves but must disable stuff within. Best-selling author, radio host, and counsellor Stephen Arterburn identifies five prison walls, or blind spots, that will hold you captive and block the amazing things God wants to do in your life,


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Hearing God presents A Girl’s Gift: Painting with Jesus

October 23, 2014tools

 We have all been amazed with the story of Akiane Kramarik and her amazing paintings. Here is another witness of the Akaine's bookgifts of the Holy Spirit and His witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. This Video is from Sid Rothon his daughter, Jordan Cook. “It’s Supernatural”

Jordan Cook is 8-year-old girl who started to paint when she was 2 years old. In her 8th birthday, she had an encounter with Jesus and asked Jesus to heal her mother, Michelle. Michelle was miraculously healed by God. She also showed prophecy through her painting. Jordan prays for sick people in her area.

You’ll find other videos in this same area called: HeavenVisit, Published on Feb 2, 2014

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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10/2 Hearing God’s 1st ‘R’ in Maturity in Jesus

October 25, 2014


prayer1We begin to look at the 10 ‘R’s’ of maturity in Christ Jesus with the word: “Relinquish”. Now I must say, that seems a strange place to start.  Others have suggested maybe to start with Repent or even to Resist … but no, we shall start with this word first.

The key to why this word is first is found in the meaning of the word: ‘Relinquish’.

According to the Collins Concise Dictionary, this word means ” ….to give up a struggle, to surrender, renounce, or to get go of something you have held to…”,


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10/3 To those who trade Self and Pride for Hearing God

October 27, 2014

yellow roseWe continue with the first ‘R’ in our series of ‘The 10 R’s of Maturity in Jesus’Relinquish.  In our last few posts, we looked at what the word meant and how some people have trouble taking this first ‘R’, the first step to Jesus.

The second group of people we talked about in our earlier post on ‘Relinquish’ were those who would lay aside self-centred things that would block them from finding Truth. This group will look past their pride, their avoidance, fear of God’s justice and judgement and said “Yes” to the Holy Spirit.  Here begins a different journey for their walk with Jesus. As we have stated in our last post, there is a very large majority of people who chose not to ‘Relinquish’ their life, their lifestyle or their pleasures to respond to the Good News of the Gospel.

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10/4 Refusing to Relinquish our life to Hear God

November 3, 2014

 Jackson inner healingWe continue with one more post examining those who refuse to look at the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus for whatever reason. We suggested several possible reasons in our last post as to why people are not willing to ‘Relinquish’ their self-system, their self-sufficient way of life.  We could add those who have such a self focus, no other way of living seems possible.  It is this group that could benefit from Jesus’ Good News!  We know the Lord never turns His back on these He died for but gently continues to call them. 

Others may cry out that any religion is an escape from reality. Not so.  In fact it is the group who cling to their self-defences that may deny reality.  Filling that God-empty space inside with anything else but God is not facing reality.


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10/5 In Hearing God, We will Not face an angry, Judgemental God

November 18, 2014mail

light in forestWhen we start this journey, one of the biggest strangle-holds we need to deal with is the Conviction versus Condemnation.   Even as you step into this step of following Jesus, you felt a conviction – hopefully – and you responded. What is the opposite of that?  Condemnation!

In my over 30 years of counselling, many common problems emerge. Those of us who claim to be Jesus Followers must deal with this deadliest of enemies – following Jesus out of condemnation rather than Conviction!

Condemnation comes from the conscience while conviction comes from …. the Holy Spirit. Have you learned to tell the difference?  The Conscience is conditioned by our family or origin, our peers and our society.  We have ‘internalised’ the voice of Mother saying “You should….”  or “You aren’t ….”. All those shoulds, oughts, have to’s and musts are lodged in our Conscience as we grow up.

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Hearing God presents: ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’

June 24, 2014information

fireworks3After four years in production, this is my first ever published novel!  ‘Guardians of the Promise: Tamar’s Story’.

  In 1714 BC, a young country girl began the journey of her life.  She was given in marriage to the eldest son of Judah, to Erdad of the tribe of   Abraham.  As she began this journey in fear and trembling, Tamar had little idea of the future she would find.


Remember, if you send me an email, I’ll send you a free chapter! 


Four years later, she helped to bury her first husband and, in the custom of Abraham’s people, she was given in marriage to the second son, Onan.


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Sunday Cuppa – ‘Seeing the day of your Salvation’ for Christian Foundations

August 23, 2014

Recently, St Alfred’s has been running a series on ‘Seek and Save’.  As I listened to both to Jordan Hitchcock and Mike McNamara, I paraphrased and added to my posts to help us better understand the theme ‘From Salves to Sonship’.  What struck my Heart was the theme of recognising the hand of God in the day of trouble.  How often have we recognised His opportunity in the circumstances that we face? 

We’ve passed the slave stage and even the servant mentality in our posts for this blog.  Remember a servant can live in the grandest palace and still be just a servant.  It’s the growing child, the son of the owner that is the heir to all his father’s promises and lands.


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A Prayer for your Heart as you Listen to God

September 3, 2014

As we start bringing this sessions to a close, here are two meditations you can pray for your heart.  Remember, we always need to include our heart when we come to the Lord.  It is too easy to try and follow Him ‘with our head’ rather than with our heart!

#1.  Prayer for your Heart:

Well Lord Jesus, my heart does want to follow You.  I repent for the times I have just accepted this to happen without my will being involved.  I can see the Holy Spirit has called me from slavery in Egypt and onto another path with Him.  Sometimes I think I am standing before You but with fear and doubt in my Heart.  You know that and You are calling my Heart to trust You more on this Journey of Life.



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