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9/31 How to give a Testimony to share God’s love

July 1, 2013

Sometimes, it’s too easy to say we need to share our faith with others….but how?  Here is a short post on learning  HOW TO GIVE A TESTIMONY.

Every Christian has a testimony.  We have been involved in the greatest miracle ever – we have become a new creation being!  A well present testimony can be a mighty weapon in the Holy Spirit’s hand to reach others.

1.  Always be prepared to give your testimony, 1 Peter 3:15:

      “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be prepared to give a defence to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”


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9/32 Knowing the Nature of God in Hearing His voice

July 13, 2013content

One of the greatest challenges to our faith is “Why do things happen in my life which don’t seem fair?”  When we understand who God is, we will begin to understand why He does what He does.  Our ignorance of His nature is at the heart of many of our grumbles about life.  Our faith must rest on the nature, character and attributes of God.  Since God cannot change His nature, we can build true faith into our lives by knowing His nature.

The following are the nature, character and the attributes of God:

1.  God is one, in Unity with Himself, His purposes and His plans for us and for mankind are not divided, compromised or incomplete, Deuteronomy 6:4, 1 Corinthians 8:6.


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9/29 Your Heart and Handling Conflicts

July 9, 2013contact

So far, we have been talking about bringing your Heart to the Lord.  One big area in all this is how our Heart handles conflict.  We need to learn to ‘Chose Relationships over Death’.  This means handling conflicts the way the Lord taught us!

….but what does that mean?  How do we choose death instead of nurture our relationships?  What bring death to our relationship with God and with others?  Again, our free will choice is one of life or death in your Relationships.

A. We will all face conflict with others at sometime

You can’t avoid the clash of relationships, so we need to learn how to handle the differences.  When we react and go the wrong way with these disagreements, we bring death – to the relationship, to our heart and to following Jesus.

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9/21 Two Prayer Meditations for your Heart

July 18, 2013

From time to time, we suggest that you stop and think about the condition of your heart.  Try to allow some response to what we have been talking about.  In fact, we think it is so important that we have included two prayers for you to meditate and pray through.

#1.  Prayer for your Heart:

Lord Jesus, my Heart and I stand before You.  We don’t always understand why You do what You do in our world.  Sometimes, confusion and doubt come when we see things differently than You do.  I would ask for my Heart, the wisdom to hang onto You when pain and affliction happen.  Help us to see Your hand of Love rather than interpreting everything as You being against me.


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