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9/30 How to Help Others call their Heart to Follow Jesus

June 24, 2013international

It always helps to stop every once in awhile and do a quick review!   

1.  So far, we have seen that we have a Heart.  We need to be aware of what is happening in our Heart – not just our head.

2.  However, our Heart may be in different conditions.  Most people have a broken, walled in, hiding heart.  What was yours?  How much we have allowed Jesus to touch our Heart?

3.  We then discussed how precious our Heart is to our Creator and how He came ‘to Heal the broken Hearted’.

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9/25 Sunday Cuppa’ Gratitude

June 3, 2013

Hello everyone!  Grab a cuppa’ and get comfortable.  Lately I have been thinking about the importance of Gratitude!  So thought I’d drop by today and say hello and have a chat about how important this quality is in our life.

So to begin with, have you ever thought about what you bring to your relationships?  No matter how huge people’s problems are, having a positive attitude will help.  Sometimes, you can be that ray of sunshine in another person’s life.

Any research on the subject of Gratitude shows that this attitude has a tremendous influence on every organ in your body.  That’s a good reason to find out more about how to be grateful and gracious with yourself and others.


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Another Prayer for your Heart

June 13, 2013

Here are two more helpful prayers you can use to help your Heart learn to follow the Lord Jesus:

#1.  “Lord Jesus, thank You that You totally understand my Heart and that I don’t need to pretend with You.  You see the depths of my hurt and traumas far more than I ever could.  I know You came to heal my broken, (add own words here) Heart.  So help me and my Heart to continue to allow You to do what You need to do as You make me over into Your image.

Help me to follow Your love and allow You more access to the ‘rooms in my Heart’ where I have kept all this hurt and pain from my childhood, teen years and even my adult years.  Help me to hear Your voice.


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