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8/1 The Everlasting Covenant between the Creator and Himself

March 8, 2013site-map

A.  An Introduction to this Eight Covenant

In this first post on this last and final great Covenant, we present an overview of the terms, the requirements, the scene, the words, Mediator, the Sacrifice and the Oaths within this The Everlasting Covenant.  As we begin by tracing its history, we find this is an the agreement made before Creation and Time began.  “Let us make man in our image…..”, Genesis 1:26.

This was the agreement before the Creator spoke the worlds into existence. It was made between the Creator – Father God, the Word and the Holy Spirit.  Mankind was not involved in this agreement but is the central object of the whole restoration process.

This covenant sets out God’s complete plan of Creation and Redemption.

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5/4b Hearing God in the Covenant with Noah, part 2

March 23, 2013

Welcome back to our discussion about the Covenant between Jehovah El-Elyon and Noah.  We have seen why our Creator chose to make Covenants with mankind.  Then, in our last post, we saw the condition of the world when Noah was selected to build the Ark.  What a project that turned out to be!

So let’s begin by seeing what might have happened when Noah heard the word of the Lord.

Here is a possible story of Noah’s reactions and his covenant with the Creator.

“The whole story started when I heard the voice of the Great Jehovah El-Elyon that my family had followed since the days of Ada.  I had been taught as a child and had tried to follow the ways laid out by those faithful to Him.  Yet, when I heard that voice, I was truly humbled and amazed.  You see, the people around me had lost contact with His ways and well, life was getting harder and harder to keep true to our One true Creator.

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40 ways to Enrich your Spiritual Awareness

March 29, 2013

The following are 40 quick and easy ways to increase your spiritual awareness:

Verse: draw near to Him…  Find a special journal, exercise book or writing pad to keep track of what you discover about yourself.

1.  Catch a line from a favourite song , say it ten times a day for one week.

2.  Play through your CD’s, tapes, ets and find three songs to write out.

3.  Spend 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, thanking God for 10 things/people.

4.  Find a special verse that ‘speaks’ to you and put it onto your computer with a special font.  Print it out and frame it or tape it to your mirror.

5.  Read the book of John in another Translation, such as The Message.

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2e Guest Post Maintaining your Deliverance

March 7, 2013

Recently I attended an evening meeting where ‘Maintaining Your Deliverance’ was presented as a topic.  I asked the guest speaker to write a Guest post for us.  So, may I present a Guest Post for our series Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing God!


 Many Christians go through a ‘deliverance experience’ and then wonder what they can do next to keep their heart close to the Lord.  Sometimes, Christians even let the same old thoughts back into their world and as a result, the enemy gains another foothold in their lives.  They might even think: “Well that didn’t work!” and return to their old patterns.  Thus the enemy has won that battle.

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#2b Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing our Creator

March 20, 2013

 We have been working on a series called ‘Personal Spiritual Warfare’.  In our last post, we talked about the battle between light and darkness, between good and evil.  Yes, this battle is in the unseen world, the world of the supernatural. 

We discussed the perfect creation, the fall of the angelic beings and the results on Adam and Eve.  We emphasised that even before this all began, the Creator had a plan – the Greatest Rescue story ever told!  We saw how it was then very important that the individual Jesus Follower understand the weapons we are told to use in this battle.  ….because we are at war and you really do live on a battlefield!


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#1. The Creator Does not Talk to us Today

March 11, 2013careers

Series #1:  Beginnings in Hearing from God

In entering the field of Spiritual Mentoring, we run across many church doctrines, historical teachings and some outright dangerous beliefs.  Recently a dear person came with a book from her pastor.  The basic premise was that “God doesn’t talk to us personally anymore as He has given us the Bible.  All His words are to found here and no other revelation or interpretation is to be used.  He has written everything He needed to say in the Bible.”

Well, I am not sure which group this book belong in but it was certainly stunting this person’s walk in knowing the Living Jesus.


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Series #1: Hearing from God – Our Creator Doesn’t Talk to us Anymore!

March 25, 2013

Oh dear!  Oh, dear…what am I to do??? ! Something has happened to the ordering of all my blog posts … in case you didn’t notice.  So… do I start all over again …or just do the last series … in order.

If you know how to re-do the posts into the right order, please let me know!  Blog re-ordering plugin doesn’t do it!  I’ve wasted hours and hours trying …. so help if you can !!!!

The Series we were doing was learing about the 7 Great Covenants God has made down through history.  We were working on the Covenant with King David and leading up to the final great Covenant, the one God made with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We will finish this, I promise – one way or another!

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