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# 7. What if my Heart doesn’t want to hear from God?

January 1, 2013

So far in our series ‘Hearing your Creator’s Voice’, we have seen main seven reasons why some people find it difficult to hear the Lord’s Voice:

                Ignorance that we can, wrong teaching, faulty beliefs about His nature and character, life is full of other things like idolatry, occult and other dark spiritual influences, fear that God is like an earthly dad, past hurts and then, too much effort required to change if we allow God’s touch.

Today we will look at an eighth big block that stops us hearing from God – our heart might not want to hear from Him!  This is different from the hurts and pain of the past that might block our hearing.  So, we need to return to what the Bible meant by the heart.

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#2 If He talks, why can’t I hear Him?

January 10, 2013

We began this series with the question of: Does our Creator God talk to us today … and our conclusion was… ?  Despite some religious doctrines that say He stopped speaking somewhere in history, maybe around AD53 when the last Apostles died, we believe He can and certainly wants to!

We have even had a special Guest post that looked at John 16:12-15.  We saw that Jesus Said He would send the Holy Spirit to ‘TELL them’,“point the way”, “announcing future events in detail”and “ANNOUNCE in detail”.  Jesus Himself received all that He had from the Father, who gave Him everything.  Then the Holy Spirit would take from that storehouse and declare it to us today.  This whole passage is in ‘present tense’ meaning the Holy Spirit is saying this to us today.

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