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9/3 Only God can see our Heart and help us to Hear from Him

January 30, 2013privacy

A.  God wants to help us understand our Heart.

As we have seen, the Bible has a lot to say about the heart.  Around seven hundred and sixty-five verses many of them occurring in the Psalms were written by David, who was described as man after God’s own heart. David understood the significance of his heart and we also need to gain that same appreciation of our heart, especially the important role it plays in the board room.

1. The heart is not particularly moral or ‘Christian’.

The Heart has its own ways of thinking and handling the pains and pleasures of life, Heb. 4:12.  The Heart has its own ways of thinking and handling the pains and pleasures of life, Hebrews 4:12.  It has its own ‘logic’ when dealing with life, usually different from the logic the brain uses.


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9/2 What is ‘the Heart’ and how does it apply to Hearing God?

January 21, 2013

In our first post on this series ‘Calling Your Heart to Follow the Lord’, we presented an introduction to the important concepts we plan to cover during this time.  To start we, we need to investigate the fact ….that we have a heart!

A.  There are pages and pages of verses in the Bible about the heart. 

1.  The bible simply states that ‘everything comes out of the heart’ and it is the called ‘the wellspring of life’. 

The Heart is the Source of our whole being. We live out of what is in our heart.  It is the source of our actions, thoughts, motives, judgements, expectations, dreams and hopes, Romans 10:6, Hebrews 3:12, 2 Peter 2:14, Matthew 2:8, John 2:25, Proverbs. 51:10, Matt. 12:34b, Proverbs 18:21. The heart is an unconscious, hidden part of us.


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9/1 Welcome to this new series on our blog about Hearing God!

January 14, 2013

Welcome back!  We are combining several very important concepts in this new series. 

We plan on talking about the Heart and the journey to help our heart be healed and follow Jesus.  For many people, even to know that we each one have a ‘spiritual’ heart is a revelation.  Then to find out that our heart can be in a variety of conditions adds to the ‘ahaaa…’.

So what is the condition of your heart…broken, shattered, in intensive care, bleeding to death, splattered against the wall …. or have you learned how to have a healthy hear?  We shall present ways to get in touch with your heart to find out ‘its condition’.

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Hearing God in Psalms 139

January 26, 2013

Sometimes the topic of Personal Spiritual warfare can be quite heavy to digest.  When that seems to be what your heart is say, if helps to take a few steps aside and find the comfort and peace that only the Scriptures can offer.  Here is one of my favourite passages in Psalms 139, from the transliteration by Eugene H. Peterson in ‘The Message’.

“God, investigate my life and get all the facts firsthand.   I’m an open book to You.  Even from a distance, You know what I’m thinking.  You know when I leave and when I get back.  I’m never out of Your sight.  You know everything I’m going to say before I start the first sentence.  I look behind me and You’re there, then up ahead and You’re there too – Your reassuring presence, coming and going This is too much, too wonderful.  I can’t take i all in!

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Hearing God – Two Examples of His Love

January 22, 2013profile

    Recently two different people sent me an encouraging and inspiriting word from the Lord Jesus.  It was given from someone else to them.  However, it so applies to all of us Jesus Followers and those on the journey that I wanted to include it here.  If it fits your world right now, then also know it is for YOU.


A letter from the Lord Jesus Christ to __________: 

“I know the deepest loneliest places in your heart.  My desire is to bless you in every area of your life.  Look up and see My glory for you.  Look and see My protection around you for no one will be able to stand in the way of My love for you, or the purposes or choices in life which I will open up to you.

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Elizabeth’s Prayer & Hearing God

January 19, 2013marketing

The following prayer states many of the main principles outlined in the Psychology of Jesus unit.  Try saying this prayer every morning for the next week and see the results in your own life. 

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The Loom of Time

January 18, 2013

Here is one of my favorite poems.  It helps to remind us that life has deeper patterns than we may see at this time in our life:

Man’s life is laid in the loom of time

To a pattern he does not see,

While the weavers work and the shuttles fly

Till the dawn of eternity.


Some shuttles are filled with silver threads

And some with threads of gold,

While others but the darker hues

Are all that they may hold.


But the weaver watches with skillful eye

Each shuttle flies to and fro,

And sees the pattern so deftly wrought

As the loom moves sure and slow.


God surely planned the pattern,

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Hearing God – The Garden of My Heart

January 12, 2013language

I wrote this poem way back in 1996.

It is a testimony of what the Lord has done in my own life.  Enjoy!

 The Garden of My Heart
My heart was like an overgrown garden,
When my Jesus rescued me.
Overgrown with thorns and briers,
Not a pleasure for my God to see.
My walls were strong and tall,
Shielding my weakness from view.
The extent of weeds, thorns and creepers,
No one but He really knew.
He became for me the Door to the Father,
The creaking, rusted pane He replaced.
Like the returning prodigal son I came,
The steps of that journey retraced.
The soil, once designed for God’s purity,
Now clogged with weeds had grown.
Vines and trees, rampant and wild,
A harvest for all the bad seed I’d sown.
“Not by your mighty effort,” He then told me,
“Can you make this garden bloom.”
But rest in the Master Gardener,
will soon replace the gloom.
So the hours of digging and pushing,
Of pruning, planting and growth,
Became such a glorious reality!
My garden is still growing and blooming with the love of the Lord!  Susanne Fengler, Blog Author
PS.  You will also find this poem on 


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8/15 One Interesting comment on the series & Sources

January 8, 2013careers

The following was an interesting comment on the Covenants of God.  As we get the truth from our head down into our heart, our life will be changed.  Here is one view:

“I totally agree on your comments. I am beginning to understand and know what that authority in Christ means. I am amazed at how Christians, including me, have not taped into what we were created to be.

“We are made in the image of God. Wow! There is so much that comes with that. We can barely understand how and what we are. The key is our obedience and Faith in Christ. We need to learn to listen and act on our calling or His need and or request.


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YouTube Video – What Will We Do In Heaven?

January 4, 2013

Recently, I reviewed quite a few YouTube videos to help bring the message about our Creator and His love for us.  This video by NT Wright picked up the theme we were covering on the Covenants of God, especially what will be be doing in Heaven.

His introduction to the topic:

“It’s not entirely clear. But one thing is clear. And that is that those who belong to Jesus Christ in the present will actually, and I hesitate to say this because it sounds arrogant or idealist,, but it’s what the New Testament says, Those who belong to Jesus Christ will be running the new Heavens and earth…….”



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8/12 A Review of Hearing God and His Covenants made with Individuals

January 13, 2013

 It always helps to do a review of the series of this length.  It is so important to think through the summary so you can apply more of the information to your own life.  For me, studying and writing this series has build my own faith as I can see an over-all plan by our Creator.  The Plan has always been for restoration and for our good.  Join me as I review the important points for each covenant.

A.  Some Covenants were fulfilled no matter how Israel responded to Jehovah.

1.  The Old and New Testament speak of eight major Covenants.

Three of these covenants – ones made with Abraham, the Promised Land agreement and the Covenant with David – were unconditional in nature.  That meant, regardless of the nation’s obedience or disobedience, Jehovah would still fulfil His promises.


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8/5 YouTube – Amazing Artist, Akiane, Hearing God at age 10, 11 and 12

January 3, 2013

As we continue with our posts on Heaven, this YouTube video will amaze you as well!

The following interview was given to the ‘Evening magazine’ by Akiane Kramarik. She was 10 years old at the time. Amazing inspiration from an ‘untrained’ young girl who paints what she sees in her reflections of Heaven, our Creator and of Jesus Christ.

Then here is when Akiane was 11 years old with an interview with Fox News. Uploaded by STHETAZH on Jan 22, 2010. You can see more of her life on


Here are some more of Akiane’s work from her book:

I trust you have enjoyed seeing this tremendous example of what Heaven will be like,


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7/2 Understanding the Covenant made with Jesus Christ

January 15, 2013

A.  A quick Review:

In this post, we continue with Jehovah God’s Great Rescue Plan for the Human race.  So far we have covered the seven major covenants made between our Creator and a human being.   We’ve talked about the covenant made with the new caregivers of the Garden of Eden.  Then we saw the covenant made with Adam and Eve when sin entered the world.  Next we visited Noah’s time and onto Abraham’s covenant.  From there, we went to Moses and Joshua as they entered their land of promise.

From there, King David brought the next covenant, pointing to the Messiah and the covenant we are covering in this post series.  So welcome back to the Covenant made with the King of Kings, with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



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Hearing God: The Time Line of Adam to Noah

January 21, 2013

Appendix A:  We trace the Time line from Adam to the time of Noah

The following is the birth and death time line for the generations up to Noah and the Great Flood, as recorded in Genesis 5:1-32:


4000 BC   ADAM – Cain and Abel born, Cain killed Abel.  Cain was banished.  

                          Adam lived until he was 930 years old.

3900                              Adam -130 years old when Seth was born.

                    SETH – 105 years old when Enosh was born, died at 912.

3800               ENOSH – 90 years when Kenan born, dies at 905 years.

3700                   KENAN – 70 years when Mahalalel born,  died at 910.   

                                           Adam was 325 years old when Kenan was born.

3600                    MAHALALEL – 65 years Jarad born, died at 895.  

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4/4 Begin Your Personal Journey through Inner Healing

January 26, 2013


In our last post on Hearing God, we have been discussing the Psychology of Jesus and we explored the basics of ‘Inner Healing’.  In a nutshell, the process allows Jesus to heal the pain we have locked away in our ‘unconscious’ or our heart.  My examples were of the wasp’s nest, of Gail’s terror over the scratched car and Marty’s journey to release his emotions after he saw his traumatic event.

Today we will expand this topic by adding the concept of ‘heart healing’.  When Sigmund Freud talked about the unconscious and subconscious part of our personality, I believe he was talking about what the Bible calls ‘the heart’.  We continue now with the actual journey in our next post (4/5) on how to get the healing that we need to begin to grow in a healthy direction again.


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