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7/10 The New Covenant and the promises of cursing to those who reject hearing from God

September 26, 2012

In our previous post, we looked at the blessings we received when we ask Jesus into our lives.   These amazing promises include forgiveness of past, present and future sin, of pardon, wholeness, adoption, freedom from demonic influence, healing and restoration to a loving Father God.

However, whenever anyone really hears the Good News and deliberately, constantly turns their back on the love offered by our Creation, consequences happen.  This is what the Bible calls a ‘curse’.

The Concept of Curses:

1.  Curses were introduced when Adam fell from his relationship with Jehovah, thus giving the serpent the authority to rule in his place.


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Another Person’s Voice in Hearing God

September 25, 2012


 Susanne has been mentoring me for 2 years  now so I wanted to add something to her blog!

It has done my heart good to be coached by such a well-experienced Jesus- centred counsellor.  It has so lined up with my own heart’s desire for Jesus to be Lord over all of my life, including my work in counselling others.

I have often felt affirmed and excited about being in the right place, with Susan’s emphasis on heart issues.  I highly value Susan’s flexible and creative approach to her work, as this has allowed me to have the best of both worlds!   Firstly, helpful input in my  work with clients, and secondly, “ways forward” in some of my own personal “stuck places!”

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7/9 The New Covenant with Jesus Christ brings new Heart Changes

September 23, 2012

So far, we have been looking at what comes with this Seventh Covenant between our Creator and the true Lord Jesus Christ, what is His authority and what is our authority in Him as Jesus Followers.  As we continue with this topic, we need to dig deeper into the foundations of what the Bible called ‘the old nature’, or the true inner nature of all human beings.

A.  We all begin with the heart in the same condition:

1.  Ephesians 4:18 explains this.

            “They (meaning us) are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their heart.”

What does this mean?  What was the heart like before Jesus finds us? 


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Hearing God through the Names of God, our Creator

September 13, 2012


The all powerful Creator God revealed Himself to His finite and wilful creation in small, understandable doses.  With every dealing with mankind, He revealed a little more about His nature, character and purposes.  The name ”El-”, for God, forms compound names associated with some attribute of God in relation to His creation.




1. Elohim

Genesis 1:1, Exodus 3:1-6, 15, Psalm 45:2,6. Plurality of divine Persons at creation.  Used about 2500 times in O.T. for the Trinity, the first recorded revelation of God.

2. El-Elyon

Genesis 14:18. “The Most High God”, who is above all else; spoken to Abram after retrieving Lot, showing God’s Omnipresence.

3. El-Roi

Genesis 16:1-4 Telling the people that He is the One who sees all, Omniscient,

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Your Heavenly Father isn’t like your Dad!

September 4, 2012

In this series, we have been investigating why some people have trouble hearing from God.  We mentioned one big reason is the impact their earthly father has on them as a child.  It is hard to image a loving Father if your images of males remind you of your abusive, absent or neglectful dad.

Here are some comparisons between an earthly father and our loving Father God:

1.  Dad was distant and uninterested in your personal life.

God is intimate and involved in your life,     Psalm 139:1-18

2.  Insensitive and uncaring about you or your problems.

Father God is kind and compassionate,     Psalm 103: 8-14

3.  Perfectionist, demanding of higher achievement, never seemed to be satisfied with what you tried to do, impatient.

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7/5 Hearing God and knowing our Spiritual Authority

September 11, 2012

If you were with Jesus when He was here on Earth, there would be no doubt something was different about Him. Sure, He related to the common people more, which made the religious leaders jealous.

However, what really set Him apart from all the other religious teachers was the authority He used and the reactions from the realm of the demonic. Jesus heard from God and Satan’s forces had no doubts about His power over them. He was sent to destroy the works of the enemy and that He did just be being who He was.

Some might wonder why that ‘power’ is not more evident in our world today. I deeply believe that if the body of Christ really knew and practiced their authority and ‘power’ in Christ today, we would have a vastly different universe. Let me tell you the story of about one of the early employees of Walk Disney:


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5/4a Hearing God in the Covenant with Noah

September 23, 2012

In our last session, we discussed the dynamics of our covenant making Jehovah-Elohim and what being in a covenant relationship with Him means.

Our Creator was not caught unawares when sin and rebellion entered Creation.  By establishing the interwoven covenants, God was bringing salvation to the whole of Mankind, enabling us to enter Eternity.

We explored the first covenant between God and mankind, made before the Fall in the Garden of Eden.  Next, we introduced Jehovah’s agreement with Adam and Eve as mankind entered an age of conscience, learning to judge right from wrong (although God did not want them to, but they chose this path).


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