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6/5 Understanding the Covenant between David and Jehovah-Elyon

July 25, 2012

What days of glory King David must have known!  His heart’s desires were often fulfilled but along with sadness and grief.  His life was anointed and he was proclaimed a mighty warrior.  He brought many sons and daughters into the world, only to see his two sons fight over the rulership before his death.

In this post we will continue to follow the Covenant made with Jehovah and David.   A simple shepherd boy began another great chapter in the people of Jehovah, those He promised to give His Land to.

So what was David’s Covenant and the promised made to him?


Again Jehovah searches for a faithful person.  He reveals Himself as Jehovah-Raah, to a shepherd body, who would later write: “The Lord is my Shepherd, the One who cares and protects me from my enemies!”


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6/4 David gained the trust of his people in his covenant with the Creator

July 20, 2012

Welcome back to the Covenant made between Jehovah and the shepherd boy, David.  We saw his rise to life in the palace after the defeat of the giant, Goliath.  David remanded true to his calling, even in the face of overwhelming pressure from King Saul.  He was hunted in the caves and in the fields, a marked man.  Yet, David did not lift a hand against the Lord’s anointed, King Saul.

We learn in 1 Samuel, chapter 22 onwards, that many men came to David.  Some were valiant warriors and others were the misfits of the army.  From his group, David formed an army and continued to defeat their enemies.

Chapter 31 in 1 Samuel brings us to King Saul’s death and David is triumphant in his many battles.  He is recognised as the rightful, anointed King and his rule begins another chapter for the people.

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Sunday Cuppa’ with Susanne – Purpose of Life

July 7, 2012

Recently, we have been working on a series called The Covenants of God’ for the Hearing your Creator’s Voice blog site.  I’ve asked myself why this is so important.

In fact, it was helping to write doing this study as a Correspondence course some years ago that my own faith grew deeper and deeper.

 I realised how much our loving Creator was in control of all of human history from the stories of Adam and Eve through to the final, end eternity awaiting us all.

As I rewrite the course for the series on the Hearing your Creator’s Voice blog, I also realise this isn’t just a story about the beginning of the Jewish and Christian faith….but it is also an example for every human being that has been conceived, is being conceived or will be conceived!  It is a very real challenge for every human being, everywhere!

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5/6b The Story of Jehovah’s Covenant with Moses

July 6, 2012

Welcome back as we continue to discuss how our Creator is a Covenant making God, choosing to honour and bring deliverance to His creation.  In the last post, we set the scene from Abraham onto the next Covenant, the Covenant which would see Jehovah’s chosen people come to their promised land.


From Genesis chapter 20, we get the story line.

“It was certainly colder up on this part of the mountain”, Moses muttered to himself as he sat, huddled and waiting.  He had been told to come up the mountain, that terrible mountain burning with fire and smoke. 

How the people had trembled!  They had begged God not to talk to them, actually begged the God of Creator not to talk to them it was so terrible the voice.

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