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5/7c The Terms of the Covenant for the Land by Jehovah

June 11, 2012

As Joshua and the people entered Jehovah’s Land, they met with abundance and fertile soil.  They were victorious as city after city heard of their acheivements. 

However, their heart still needed to stay true to the conditions of their Covenant with Jehovah…  A sacrifice and a Seal was given as with all the other Covenants.

3.  The Conditions, or Terms to keep

Jehovah reaffirmed that the Promised Land was His, Leviticus 25:23-24.  Israel was only the Steward of the Land.  Jehovah then goes on to reaffirm the covenant with Joshua by three commands, Deuteronomy 5:1-4.

a)  The need to keep the Law – the 10 commandments, Deuteronomy 5:1-21.

b)  To continue in their love and obedience to Him, Deuteronomy 6:3-4, 10:12-16.



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5/7b Joshua’s Story in the Covenant for the Promised Land

June 6, 2012language

In our first post on the Covenant with Joshua and Jehovah Nissi, we set out the journey of the nation from slavery to wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.  We now come to the point in our story when the slavery generation has left the scene to the next generation.  It is this second generation out of Egypt that await the entrance to their Promised Land.  They stand in anticipation of their next great adventure.

We take up this point in history with Joshua’s story:

“So the day has arrived….after 40 years of wandering, listening to these hard-hearted unbelieving people.  They were no longer slaves in Egypt but teaching slaves how to be free is another thing!

“So here we stand.  Our great leader, Moses brought the people into the valley between two mountains. 


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