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4/3. Jesus is the Great Healing

December 16, 2011participate

In our first two posts, we discussed some of the Christian Foundation teachings in The Psychology of Jesus.  We saw how only Jesus introduced Creator God, Jehovah as ‘Abba Father’.  Many people claim to have pathways to God but only Jesus invited us to know God as Father.

Being born in the image of Adam and Eve has guaranteed that we all experience pain on our earthly journey; it is unavoidable.  …..but then, how do we handle this pain when it comes?  Do we continue to use ungodly coping methods or do we find His principles, which lead us to growth?  We want the second option, but how do we get there?


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4/1 The Psychology of Jesus & the Problems of our World

December 9, 2011


Multitudes of books have been written on the subject of Christian Foundations and on Psychology, all aiming to explain how and why humans think, feel and behave as we do.  However, the most perfect and concise summary on optimum mental health was set out almost 2,000 years ago in the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially the principles found in “The Sermon on the Mount”.

In this series, we have aimed to set out the foundational views of the Psychology of Jesus.  In our first posts, we will examine Jesus’ view of our personality structure, our instincts and needs.  We will also look at His view of our mental processes, our emotions and resulting behaviour.  Also, Jesus clearly taught that to be truly free, we need to clean out our hearts.

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