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1/1 An Introduction to Spiritual Gifts

gifts2In this new series, we stop and examine what is known as ‘Spiritual Gifts’. When we enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, He gives us all gifts!  He wants to communicate with us and to have us share His communication with those around us.  He has promised that He will build His Church and what a treasure to help in that process!

In this series, we shall explore the three major groupings of the Gifts given to the church. This has been and is the project of the Ages, beginning with the Promises of the Seed in Genesis. We will lay out some guidelines for practicing these gifts alone with some practical suggestions to start you on your own journey to “Understand Spiritual Gifts”.

Just adding more knowledge is not our aim but to help you find your own fighting and calling. To conclude your study, we shall present several ideas to help you find your place in the great adventure. A practical assessment rounds out your journey as you compare what you thought were your gifts with what may be the ‘official’ survey.

This is the story of the being a Jesus Follower: to help build the Church. What greater adventure than helping to build this ‘Bride of Christ’. Being part of this process is an honour and a privilege.

To help you in this journey, try to visit the following Blog:

So welcome to Understanding Spiritual Gifts. May it add to your living faith and growth! God’s richest blessings on your life as we begin this study together.


Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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