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10/8 To ‘Relinquish’ is a process

toomuch2We spend another post on the first stage of waking with the true Lord Jesus.  Recently It’s Spring in my part of the world, in Australia.  For those of us who do any gardening.  Spring means what?  Ohhoooo – weeds….over grown patches where the winter cold has let its mark.  Patches where once flowers bloomed and bushes thrived.  Wind and cold keep us indoors but now … warm sunshine.

Our life is much like a garden, especially when we think about inner growth and new freedom in Christ.  Old ways of doing things, of handling problems in our own self-effort become clear in the light of a new Spring.  Tangled vines, dead mind-sets, crumpled paths … and sometimes broken tree branches block our view.  We could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture by now, even if you’re not a gardener.

So back to my garden in Spring.  What do you tackle first?  Obviously the Master Gardener has a plan and it’s best to find and follow His plan.  That’s what coming to be a Jesus follower is all about.  Sure I could get some big Encyclopaedia of Gardening and rip out, start again and redesign my backyard garden area.

Worth it?  That would be like trying to make my life over according to Religion – the opposite of finding the Lord of Lords, Jesus.  ‘Religion’ is not where you will find life and freedom!  Rules and traditions can bring more damage to growing life!

So back to my garden in Spring.  Today as I stand with the Master Gardener, He talks about pruning that overgrown snowball tree in the corner.  I love that tree since I lovingly started it from the neighbour’s garden …. and He wants to prune it?

 “….but it still has beautiful flowers, Lord!”

“We need to open up the tree so that the air can circulate and litht can reach the centre”, He gently speaks to my heart.

I sit and look at what I think is beautiful tree, stunned.  How I need to see this tree, this part of my life, the way He does.  Again, gentle, He shows me that we must cut away dead-end plans, diseased thinking patterns, tightly held broken promises and misplaced dreams.  I must chose to release –relinquish – the one-sided hurts and pains of disappointments, biased judgements … and the list continues until my heart agrees with His best will for me.

Then I really do see that He loves me – loves you – loves this tree too much to leave it in the condition it’s in!  Only when I surrender this tree, this part of my heart can I bring the harvest of beautiful flowers He sees in me.

So again, we return to the point of ‘relinquish’ because I know He can and will bring good from my surrender.  So here I am, letting Him cut away the dead  and diseased thinking, to see the beauty He would bring as I allow Him to teach me His way.

If you are at this point in your own life, let me encourage you to choose to allow Him to be the Master Gardener in your life … and see your garden as He does.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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