10/6 “Relinquish” means what for the new Believer in Hearing God?

fireworks3So far we have seen that the first step toward in being a Jesus Follower is to be willing to ‘Relinquish’ our own ways of doing things, defence masks and be willing to step into a different mind-set. “Maybe …. Just maybe I need to check out what this Jesus thing is all about…”  To do that means to lay aside the self-satisfied ways of doing things … and just maybe find a whole new world hidden behind that veil of doubt and ignorance.

When we take that step, it doesn’t mean that we fall into a bed of roses. Life will never be the same again but what changes when the Holy Spirit touches your Heart?  For some people, nothing seems to change immediately.  For others, fireworks and great joy opens heaven’s doors.

Some are deeply moved into a place of deep worship while others smile and are ready to go home now.  If we are with people, others are gently led into an understanding of what this step means, either through a new believer’s group or their own personal story.  Sad to sad though, there are others left and alone; these are truly the orphans in the church scene.

However it is for you – or was for you when you first took these steps – something moves inside.

We are more aware of the condition of our life….and the need for the King of Kings to help us.

So what does the new believer need to ‘Relinquish’?

For most people, the willingness to be taught is essential.  It’s like coming into a whole new world, with a different language and ways to looking at life.  Where ever the starting point, we need to be open to laying aside the denial, the self-sufficient pride and let the Holy Spirit begin His work – to teach us what is required of us.

It is that willingness that begins the journey that is so important!

So that is step one in your growth in being Jesus Follower. Sound simple?  On one hand it is … on the other hand, what a journey follows.  The more teachable and open to God we are, the deeper He can go.  To step out from under that distorted sense of self and the need to be self-protective in defective ways is included in our willingness to ‘Relinquish’.

So to ‘Relinquish’ and be willing to allow Him to teach us. We need to lay aside our own ways of dealing with the hurts and pains of life – He has the answer.  We need to reach the point to see His plan for our life – because He has the answer.  We need to be willing to trust and hear His voice to lead us – because He has the answer!

I pray that you, my dear reader, have made that step and are ready for the next ‘R’ in our series: ‘to Recognize’ but what? That part of the next post and the next step of growth, so join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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