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10/4 Refusing to Relinquish our life to Hear God

 Jackson inner healingWe continue with one more post examining those who refuse to look at the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus for whatever reason. We suggested several possible reasons in our last post as to why people are not willing to ‘Relinquish’ their self-system, their self-sufficient way of life.  We could add those who have such a self focus, no other way of living seems possible.  It is this group that could benefit from Jesus’ Good News!  We know the Lord never turns His back on these He died for but gently continues to call them. 

Others may cry out that any religion is an escape from reality. Not so.  In fact it is the group who cling to their self-defences that may deny reality.  Filling that God-empty space inside with anything else but God is not facing reality.

Others in this group, who are not willing to ‘Relinquish’ their own path, may see being a Jesus follower as “…. limiting their freedom“.   Regarding our time and life as our own is limiting the bigger picture.  The cry to “…… do what I want to do“, mis-shapes the eternal good for one’s self as well as our communities.  No one is really free when it comes to this kind of freedom.  We cannot control our destiny.  We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 5 minutes, let alone spending a life time doing what the self wants to do.  Remember the old saying “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”?   Control is such an illusion.  The seeds of our ‘Old Nature’ we inherited from Adam and Eve’s disobedience is in everyone.

The only control we have is about who we give that control to – self or God?

We can see examples of this out of balance life philosophy everywhere, from movie stars, rock stars, politicians, world leaders who think having absolute power and control, money or fame is the answer. The scandal and death rate from overdose, alcohol, risk taking and so on, show otherwise.  Having all this power, control, money and time often leads to despot living.  This is not what freedom is about.

Others want to wear a false “I’m OK” mask when facing the world. They feel they don’t need God.  Some of the saddest people are in this group who turn their back on God. They may appear alright on the outside but unresolved issues are still there, as they are for all of us.  It’s times like this that Jesus followers have the answer, but not always the perfect life.  If anyone lives in a manner that goes against the great design of life, they receive their results.  When we learn that His way is best and live according to this way, we are also receiving the fruits of our life.  So those who cling to their way of life without investigating the truth that God offers, are “reaping what they sow”.

Sometimes people don’t see the hand of the Lord in the circumstances around them. He uses the pain and struggles of this world to help people see the need for His love and grace.  As one person has said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”, still when we are willing to ‘Relinquish’ our false defences and give the Lord of Life

Some have a hardened conscience: having done the self-centred things for so long, some people have so crossed the line that their conscience no longer warns them of their wrong actions. They simply don’t care who they hurt in their desire to be self-sufficient or self-lead.

Some have not heard the Good News message: True many people have never heard the real message that “God is not mad at you anymore. It is safe to come home.”  However, most western countries were established on Biblical principles.  The seeds of God’s truth are still there but they chose to ignore His gentle calling.

The answer from God: ‘Another brick wall to run into’. A loving God often uses pain to bring people to Himself.  I’m Depressionsure you know people who when from one crisis to another until they were will to surrender to ‘Someone’ more intelligence than themselves.  God uses the pain but does not cause it; sowing and reaping principles to do.  Pride and denial are the two greatest barriers to seeing the truth and the reality of life.  Add on top of that, the avoidance at looking for the real cause of issues, and many people stop at step one.  However, remember that wholeness and healing is what the Lord came for.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free….” Luke 4:18

So to those who may be reading and feel no need to ‘Relinquish’ their self-centred ways, the best path is to at least investigate His truth. After all, your eternity is at stake!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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