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10/36 Be a partner with God in your growth

woman with ipad Some people use a logical, rational approach: “If it’s not broke, you don’t need to fix it.” However, like any plant, you need to water, encourage and look after growth to have growth continue.

Learn how to care for yourself, to be self-aware in the middle of the fire of growth, in the midst of change so that growth can happen. Understand the HALT” prescription:  Don’t get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.  When we haven’t learned how to see and set our boundaries for these four things in our own life, each can bring a discouraging downward slide.

Remember, you don’t repair the roof in the middle of the storm.

Determine to work on your relationship with Father God while things are going well. Learn to hear and obey His voice in the quiet, peaceful times.  Then when the cyclone hits, you are ready to follow Him through the storm to the eye of the hurricane. Here are some great suggestions for your growth:

Learn the power of creating rituals. Walking by faith is just following the spiritual disciplines Jesus practiced. Get into good habit patterns. This could include daily prayer, praying in tongues for a length of time, reading your Bible daily.

Always begin with what the Holy Spirit is convicting you about! Do not respond to condemnation (Romans 8:1) but focus on the ‘God principle’ in your situation.

Let Jesus help you develop precise, concrete, achievable and realistic goals. “I’ll read 14 chapters of the Bible each day because I feel condemned that I am not reading enough of His word.”  Set small, attainable goals you can achieve.

Don’t aim to change too much at one time. Remember small steps get us to Mount Everest.  Remember persistence pays off.  Learn to relax in His presence, knowing that He is 100%, totally. totally on your side.

Focus on one change at a time. It takes more than 6 weeks for a new habit to replace an old pattern.

Expect relapses, especially in dealing with long standing addictions or self-sabotage thinking systems. Create an environment that supports change.  Be with people who are growing in the Lordship of Jesus.

Create accountability and feedback by using a prayer journal, a prayer partner, a support group, etc. Establish networks with those who are really in touch with their own lives and with the reality of the living Jesus.

Attend a weekly Growth Group, Accountability or prayer group and the Celebration of your faith

I hope this gives you some ides to help your walk with your Creator and Lord. Remember the Holy Spirit is the great  Teacher so allow Him to show you how to best grow your faith.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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