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10/33 Hearing God helps you Reclaim back the life He wanted for you

 We were designed to walk and talk with our Creator. Satan tricked Eve and then Adam chose to give away that right. man on phoneIt’s your place now to regain that right by accepting what Jesus has done for you. Sin and wrong thinking has robbed you of the relationships, minstry, maturity and health God wants for you.

Do you believe this enough to really aim to follow Him to Reclaim back what belongs to you now that you are in Christ Jesus? We can’t turn back the clock and relive your life the way it would have been best for you but now, in walking with Jesus we can Reclaim form this time onward what He wants for you.

Perhaps you can already see the areas where the enemy has robbed you of great relationships – because of wrong thinking. Yu may already be willing to renounce and now to reclaim right thinking and behaving to have healthy relationships. Certainly that is what the Holy Spirit is guiding you into.

Spend a few minutes and let the Lord talk to you about areas where Satan has robbed you of the very best in life.

Sometimes that might mean forgiving yourself. Other things might need a restoration with others. It’s only when you are strong enough to confront any abusers that this step is important. If you can stand someone saying “You made that up.” Or “Grandad would never touch anyone like that.” Then perhaps confrontation of an abuser is right. However this requires great wisdom! Allow the Lord to help you work through any plan of action to bring healing and peace for your Heart.

For many people, there isn’t the opportunity to actually face that abuser. At times like that, it is the comfort of knowing that the Lord is just and everyone will have a time when they stand before Him. Release and forgiveness is your only path.

Sometimes it is an important question to ask: “When do I need to confront my abuser?”

* When Jesus says to!

* If the offender’s actions are repetitive actions that hurt yuou or others.

* If there are serious consequences to the boundary being broken

* If part of your authority is to protect those being hurt, such as a parent, teacher, pastor, etc.

* If the relationship is important to maintain and to grow.

When is Release and forgiveness needed:  

* When Jesus says to!

* When your own buttons are being pushed, so it’s yuour own issues that need to be resolved rather the the other person’s.

* When the event is a one-off offence or of little consequence.

* When ego/pride is driving the need to let the other/s know your views.

It is important to also know that rebuilding Trust and Forgiveness are two very different things. Just because I have forgiven someone doesn’t mean I need to build a relationship with them again – or allow them into my life again. Boundaries are important with the Lord too.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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