10/31 Hear God to Renew your Thinking by seeing the Opposites

In our last post, we stressed the importance of choosing to fill those emnpty places in your thinking and behaviour with phonepositive truths, to see yourself the way He does.

Another way of doing this is to go back to your list and write out the opposite of the things you set before Him. Here are some examples:

Sin Area: Opposite Attitude:

Pride – Humility

Rejection – Self Acceptance

Lust – Purity

Anger – Gentleness

Go through your list and ask the Holy Spirit to give you =the inspiration to see what NEW is needed to replace the OLD.

We all have listened to the lies and half-truths the enemy has told us. Often it is the “You’re worthless…” or ” You’ll never be good enough to ….”. In Jesus, we are a new Creation. We have new rights and privileges in His kingdom. Which kingdom do you want to enter?  Peace and joy or the torment you once knew? Hey, no it’s not a ‘snap of the fingers’ and you have arrived.  It is a journey – up hills and sometimes through deep valleys but you know Who is with you in His Kingdom.

As you seek to find out the New to replace the Old, ask the Lord this quewstion: “Lord Jesus, what lies have I believed from the enemy?” Amazing! Yes, He will tell you. Sometimes it is a process of working with that ‘lie’ to find out why your Heart took that in. It might have been someone else’s remark about you but did they know the truth about you?

Sometimes those liles come in when we are going through a truama and hurtful situation. Remember the enemy is not a gentleman; he prays on the innocent and helpless as well as on the strong.

We are NOT doing this cleansing process to earn God’s favour! We have a ‘Gospel of Unmerited Grace’ and we can ‘do’ nothing to make God approve of us more!   The question becomes: why don’t we allow the Holy Spirit help us heal our Heart? Can we let Him in enough to fill those hurting places with the Truth of His love?

Here is a suggestion to help you work through what He is asking you to do today:

  1. “Lord Jesus, what is the event you want me to work on today?”
  2. Put the memory on Pause and find out where the Lord is in that memory.
  3. Allow Him to visit and talk with the hurt little child, teenager or adult and receive His Truth and healing.
  4. Ask Him and write out any half-truths or heart lies that your heart still believes about you from that traumatic event.
  5. Ask Him for His truth to renew you mind and heart to bring healing.
  6. It’s only AFTER you heard the Lord and your Heart’s event that you can then work on forgiveness, renewing your thinking about the event and receiving His healing!

Continue the process until the Lord has finished with the inner healing you need.

I guarantee this is one way to fill the empty places where the enemy has a stronghold. You will be amazed at the difference in your life. So I want to really encourage you to spend some time on this part of the series. Find out some healing truths for yourself here!

Remember to continue to work with your Heart as you receive His love!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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