10/28 So can be face and get rid of the Demonic Ourselves?

women w glassesMany Christians go through a ‘deliverance experience’ and then wonder what they can do next to keep their heart close to the Lord. Sometimes, Christians even let the same old thoughts back into their world and as a result, the enemy gains another foothold in their lives. They might even think: “Well that didn’t work!” and return to their old patterns. Thus the enemy has won that battle.

It is important for us to know our enemy and the plans he uses to pull us down. The following discussion comes from working with many people to help them stand against the works of the enemy in their own lives.

Let’s begin this post by remembering that Jesus has finished His work on the Cross. This is where every Jesus Follower must stand!

Some people even ask: “Can a Believer be demonically afflicted or oppressed?”

1. Peter was – Luke 22:23, Luke 22:31 Matthew 16:23.

2. Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5:3

3. Paul was influenced by Satan – 2 Corinthians 12:7

4. Saul in the Old Testament certainly was, 1 Samuel 16:14.

Therefore, the answer must be yes but I do not believe a follower of Jesus can be ‘possessed’ unless they have so completely denounced the Lord Jesus that they have become what the Bible calls a ‘reprobate’.

In my over 25 years of counselling and deliverance work, I have found there are two basic models of deliverance. They are complimentary and often used together.

1. Traditional deliverance, where someone uses their God-given authority to cast out demons in someone else.  It most often happens when they lay their hand on the person being delivered and they use their words to make the demonic go.

Traditional style deliverance relies on others for the word of knowledge as to the problem, the name of the demonic involved and the use of their authority to make the enemy leave. This method often neglects the heart issues which give the enemy the ‘legal right’ to hang onto that person. If the heart isn’t ready to release the ‘friend’ and the lies it believes, ‘manifestations’ can result.

2. Self-deliverance, where someone uses their own God-given authority to cast out the demon stronghold out themselves.

Self-deliverance teaches the believer to identify the stronghold in their own life. Often this method takes in the heart issues and entry points where the enemy has taken a foothold. However, the believer then knows ‘the taste’ of the enemy, can sense when he approaches with lies and can keep the enemy out easier than with the traditional style deliverance. You need practice with this method and allowing others to help is important.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles but by in large, we try and teach the self-deliverance model as a believer can then continue with their own work with the Holy Spirit.

How to Maintain the Deliverance in Spiritual Warfare?

A good example of this question comes out of my husband, Daniel’s own story. He was convicted Daniel 2new(notice the Holy Spirit started with conviction) that a spirit of pride was behind some of his thoughts and actions. He continued with the Lord in prayer, asking Him for His thoughts on the issue.

He showed Daniel a scene in my teen years (a high place?) when he had to overcome a big rejection issues. He had spent 4 years in another country, leaving his peers to continue their life onto high school.

When Daniel returned, he was a no-body! His old friends had moved away, past him by and even outgrown him. He was a foreigner in his own school. He had to find something that helped him survive those teen years, so he learned to play tennis. To his surprise – and others too – he was quite good at it; so good that he let the pride of being good over-rule other thoughts.

Daniel was more and more convicted that he needed to deal with this pride in a Godly way as it had spread and grown into other areas. He went through the real process of self-deliverance. The next day, he felt the pride was still there, so he repeated the prayer of repentance with his heart’s agreement and the thing (the spirit of fale pride) left!

He asked the Lord what had happened and He said “Your heart had let the enemy’s lies in again and besides, the enemy had a nice little home in you. He wasn’t going to give up easily.”

In the next week, Daniel had to kick the spirit of pride out twice. In the next month, he dealt with it probably another three times but these days, maybe twice a year the thing tries to get back into ‘…its happy little nest’. The point is, having faced it himself – in his own authority, he could sense it wanting to return and he could guard his heart for the spirit returning.

a. Demons are like spiritual ‘germs’. We can be re-infected.

b. If a demonic influence comes back, repent and kick it out again.

c. Don’t panic, God’s grace is sufficient for us (2 Corinthians 12:9)

d. Our ‘anti-biotic’ is Repentance, which is to confess our sin, receive God’s forgiveness (and forgive ourselves) and turn around our un-Godly attitude.

e. Our ‘immune system’ is obedience and surrender to Christ, by which we receive a conviction of the HS, adjust our attitudes to reflect God’s thinking and keep them out.

f. Don’t let Satan bully you into thinking nothing happened or there is no change. Give it time, there WILL be change. If you need more deliverance, either learn self-deliverance, or get some more ministry. Don’t let Satan intimidate you with fear. Demons must bow their knee to Jesus’ Name.

Another issue: There is a saying: “You can’t cast out the Flesh, or crucify a Demon”

This means that you can’t get rid of a bad attitude by deliverance. You have to work on it through repentance and renewing the Mind – by ‘crucifying’ the desire to do bad behaviour.

It also means you can’t get rid of a demon only by changing your attitude. Demons are bullies and trespassers. They will try to stay attached to you, if you let them. You need to be determined to cast them out and renounce them out of your life.

If you get ‘stuck’ and nothing seems to be happening in the self-deliverance process, then check out whether there is:

a. Your heart is unwilling to let the thing go as the demonic has become a ‘friend’. An example is a spirit of fear which your heart has used to stop you from doing things. Another example might be a spirit of shyness as it stops you from having to be with other people.

b. An unbroken curse (often Freemasonry or Occult

c. A generational curse that you have ‘activated’ – done the same as your ancestors.

Many psychological ‘coping methods’ allow a demon to remain. They are ways to manage a problem (which can be useful short term). However, to be really free we need to go beyond just managing the demonic to finding the cure to gain true freedom.

Only Jesus has the cure!

Deliverance is an essential part of all Believers being set free and ‘working out their own salvation’. It is easy to do, if you know what to do. God has given all Believers the right to cast out demons. The hardest part is finding out what keeps a demon locked in.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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