10/27 The Fifth Step is to Renounce as you follow the Holy Spirit to Freedom

I’m sure by now I don’t need to tell you that we live in a physical world with a spiritual dimension. Behind the half-truths and heart lies ewe all have believed is a spiritual force that is insistent in keeping ybcn_prayforamerica_250pxou bound to whatever ‘sin’, addiction, wrong doing or issue you face. It is this spiritual power that Jesus came to break and to set us free. His work on the cross is sufficient to ‘break’ any stronghold over us!  This is called ‘Deliverance’.

So it probably goes without saying that to ensure this freedom, we need to address the spiritual forces behind the issues you are working through with the Holy Spirit. These ‘spirits’ are sent to control us into the behaviour that keeps us limited, stunted and not growing in Him.

To further help us identify the spiritual influence behind the behaviour, one person described these forces as ‘attitudes’. So dealing with anger, the ‘attitude’ behind the anger might be ….frustration, annoyance, irritation and so on. Catch the idea I am trying to present. By breaking the ‘attitude’ down into words, we can then deal with the ‘words’ as the spiritual forces behind the actions.

Annoyance could be one of the forces behind the anger someone is trying to deal with. Remember, we are not trying to teach you a new way to bury the attitude but to see it in the light where we can deal with the issue.

Begin this step of ‘Renounce’ in your growth by asking the Holy Spirit to show you the ‘spiritual dimension’ behind the issues, sin, behaviour, addiction, etc. that you are facing. Look for the ‘ahaaa’ that helps explain the behaviour.

For many people, it helps to get your paper out again and go through is areas you have already listed. Start with one issue and then list the ‘attitudes’ that go with that behaviour. So for example: anger is the behaviour – what are the ‘attitudes’ that go with the anger for you?

Find a quiet spot and some time to work on this part of your personal growth. Continue with the list. If you need some help getting in touch with the ‘attitudes’, find a book from your school days, a thesaurus and list the words that point to the issues you are working on. See if you can come up with at least 6 other words that fit the struggle you are facing.

Then what?

Keeping your list in mind, now we move onto dealing with these influences by ‘Resisting’ them and replacing them with Godly ‘attitudes’. However, before we do this, there is one very inportant question I need to ask you: What right do we have to face off against spiritual powers and dominions in our own life? Aren’t they powerful ‘super beings’ that rule to spiritual world?

I am sure many of you can answer that question without help from me. We have all the rights and powers that come with the victory Jesus Christ had and has over this spiritual dimension! It is in His power and His name that we can face these evil influences in our own life.

Do you really believe that?  Do you have control over the demonic world in your own life?

Do a search through the Bible and see what Jesus won for you by His life, death and resurrection! You will see that it is as se stand in His finished, powerful works that we can defeat to works of the enemy in our own life!

Get a strong hold on your rights in Jesus Christ can help you defeat the biggest bully of all in your own life.

Join us for our next post as we discuss the difference between the traditional style of ‘deliverance’ and what we call ‘self-deliverance’.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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