10/26 Facing the Idols in your Heart to Resist and grow

girl at sunsetLet’s spend one more day on the topic of Idols and Idolatry. True, it is a huge area and one we could write many posts to define and deal with such spiritual things. Spend some time looking into this area of your spiritual and emotional life.

If you are brave enough, ask the Lord to show you any idols you hold dear to your Heart that might replace Him as your focus. It might be small things or huge things, as I shared with you in our last post. For me, the Lord had to deal with roses!

Interesting, for every idol, there is also a ‘High Place’ or the entry point. We see this often in the idolatry in the Old Testament. It was the place where people went to worship at their idol.

This ‘High Place’ is usually a circumstance or traumatic episode in a person’s childhood. Sometimes, an intense emotion opens the door to the idol and your Heart takes it in. If this is an area where you feel you need more help then this short post, do some research on what is called “Inner Healing”. Right now, just start with one idol and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the ‘High Place’ or entry point.

Do take the time to write down the idol and write out what you are shown about the ‘High Place where the issues you are dealing with can be found.  Try not to be overwhelmed with this; start with one issue only.

For each idol you find, determine to find the Heart lie that helps to keep it there. It might be something like “I need this (idol) because it gives me meaning, purpose, strength, or whatever.” Work with your Heart to see that often this idol is more of a hinderence to your growth than a help. Avoidance by not looking to your idol will stunt your growth as a Jesus follower.

When your Heart is ready, Repent to the Lord that you have allowed that person, place or thing into your Heart where only He belongs. Take responsibility or your part in the high place.

Second, ask the Lord to ‘Close the door’ where that idol entered. You may have to forgive someone or deal with some inner pain to receive His love. Ask a trusted counsellor of Godly friend if you need help.

Then say to that person/object/place in your Heart: “I evict you out of the wrong place in my Heart. I renounce your influence over me in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Ask Jesus to clean your Heart and Renew a right spirit within you from Psalms 51. Spend enough time with the Lord to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to yuou. Receive His healing love and forgiveness.

Some of these steps may seem ‘too simple’ but when you work with the Holly Spirit, the real truth goes deeper and deeper into your heart so you will find freedom.  In our next post, we shall see the way we need to deal with these idols and the spiritual dimension behind them.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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