10/25 Idols in your Heart may block growth in Hearing God

heart5However it is not just people who can influence us or block our ability to Resist the enemy of our Soul. Sometimes, we can look to ‘things’ to influence or avoid the issues we need to face. These can be called ‘IDOLS’.

Most Christians would say and idol is anything that replaces the hole in our Heart made for our Creator. It is something that we pay more attention to than we do to Jesus. Using that definition, we can see an Idol can be things, people, events or even what is called ‘Heart vows’. These are statements we make such as “I’ll never go near that horrible person again.” …or “I will never forgive that person.” …or “I’ll never trust him again!”

Some examples of idols might be your spouse, your job, car, house, garden or even your church.

3_rosesAn example: “At one point, it was roses for me. I had to Relinquish – be willing to let go, Recognise see the roses as He does. Then I had to move onto Repent that I had placed this desire for roses beyond what was His will.   In working thorough these steps, I then had to Resist the drive for roses by seeing them as He does. Continuing with our pattern for freedom, Renouncing them out of the wrong place in my Heart and learning to Renew my Mind on the issue was next.

“Reclaiming any issues by having the drive for more and more roses, helps to Reinforce my determination to follow Him with something as simple and beautiful as roses. I can Retain that growth now and learn to Rejoice as Roses as in the right place in my Heart.”

What’s wrong with such statements? Again, paying more attention to that person, place or thing can block us from hearing God. Of course, the biggest problem with idols is that they are often replacing Jesus on the throne of our Heart. We have trouble dealing with that person in a healthy way.

Unforgiveness blocks our ears to God as well as to seeing the person, place or thing as God does. Unforgiveness influences all the organs in our body through the emotional upheavals we feel when all these things are in the ‘wrong place in our Heart’. Jesus is not pre-eminent in all things in our life.

Try this short exercise. Picture a throne and write out the description or even draw it. Ask the Lord: “Who or what is on the throne of my Heart?” Most often the answer is ‘you’, meaning you are on the throne of your Heart, doing the directions and taking control. Of course, we know, Jesus is the rightful Person who belongs there.

So next question: “Lord what do You want me to do about this (whatever was on your throne)? Follow His directions and keep asking “What next Lord?” It is important to deal with the idols the Lord shows you so you can continue to grow in your spiritual maturity.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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