10/24 Forgiveness, an essential key in Hearing God

scroll and quillIn our last post, we encouraged you to spend some time with the Lord and write out a list of PEOPLE that have been a wrong influence in your life. This can often be the roots of the problem, or sin you are resisting.

To be free of the hurt, the wrong influence and the emotions attacked to these people, most often forgiveness is the ONLY weapon.

We covered some of this in our posts 10/18 & 10/19.

Forgiveness does not always come with a feeling. Forgiveness starts with a choice. Most Christians know a lot about the subject of forgiveness but often stumble at HOW to do it. Some people try doing it with their mind and will but the Lord said to forgive …. from the Heart.

That’s a lot more than just ‘grit your teeth’ and tell yourself “I have forgiven her!” … especially when the emotional hurt rises again when you see ‘her’.

In my years of counselling and mentoring, I have found a good way to work this emotional hurt through in a practical way. Begin by making a choice to forgive – from your Heart. If you have trouble doing this, see our next post on the benefits of forgiveness.

Start by asking the Lord: “Jesus who do You want me to forgive today?”

He will give you a place to start. Talk with Him about that person. What happened that your Heart has held ‘an offense’ or kept the hurt there. It may seem like a small matter, but to your Heart, it is important. That’s why the Holy Spirit wants to begin here.

Visualise that person sitting opposite you in a chair. Say out loud: “I forgive you Linda. I choose to forgive you. women at computerBy my free will, I forgive you. I take my judgement off you, Linda. I forgive you.” Continue saying this until something changes in your Heart. You might have to say this over and over many times until it gets from your Mind and will down into your Heart.

You will know when something has changecd for your Heart. Then thank the Holy Spirit, our great Teacher and rejoice in your freedom. Again, remember to Resist the lies of the enemy when this emotional hurt tries to return. If you need to, go back through the process again.

So how do you know if you really have forgiven that person? You will feel none or very litle emotional hurt when you see or hear them again – that’s the proof.  Better still, if you can set them free to do the same thing again and not let the button get pushed, you are really free.

Some people confuse forgiveness with trust. When you have been hurt by someone and you forgive, that doesn’t mean you have to trust them again.   Trust is earned. Let the Holy Spirit help you set some boundaries for keep them from hurting you again. If this is an issue you, check this blog for posts on Boundaries!

If you find this doesn’t break the forgiveness issue so you can continue to grow in Jesus, there may be deeper blockages, such as having believed the enemy’s Heart lies or emotional pain that needs more attention.

Continue with our posts as we address some of these issues.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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