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10/23 So what are we Resisting in Hearing God?

teen6We are continuing to look at the 10 essential steps in maturity as we follow Jesus!

 The main aim for this step in your growth as a Jesus Follower and haring God is to add your strength and will power to remove whatever is in your Heart that feeds the problem. This means being that partner with the Holy Spirit, to follow Him in the ‘ahaaa’ that comes with conviction – not condemnation!

Rather than just ‘grit your teeth and endure’, we need to see what is at the bottom of the issues we face. Sometimes this means a spiritual journey but sometimes it may mean seeing what is at the ‘heart’ of a physical problem.

It is here that we determine to be willing, to be willing to do things His way. For many of us that was a ‘brick wall’ experience when we were to the point of the usual: “being sick and tired of being sick and tired” before we turned to Him.

At this step of your growth, it is important to Resist all the wrong influences of people, things, events, etc. that often feed the problem rather than help resolve that problem. It’s these people, things or events that often ‘open the door’ to the demonic influences that also add to the problem. Remember we are not coming against the PEOPLE but we are setting our will against the wrong influences that they may have brought into our life.

Ephesians reinforces that “….We don’t fight against flesh and blood….” …but with the forces behind the influences.    We live in a physical world but the forces around us are more emotional and spiritual.

Spend some time with the Lord and ask Him to reveal any areas of Wrong Influences that come from people that need to be brought to the light. We will deal with the influences of things and events in another post so just start with PEOPLE. Be prepared for someone to be brought into your mind that you might not have thought is a wrong influence. It may be someone or something that you haven’t thought about for a long time. Some of this will be the ROOTS of the sin you are dealing with.

At this time, only deal with the wrong influences or hurts that have aided you to ‘sin’ in the areas that Jesus reveals to you. It may be some of the same list you have worked on before. You are now going to be determined to face the INFLUENCES in this step.

Some example of what the Lord might point to may be past authority figures, faulty friendships or even family members. These are the large or small things that have kept the problem going in your life. We need to deal with these roots too.

Write out a list of the people’s names, or the events or things that add to this problem in your life in the journal you have been using for past exercise. Add what you think the Lord is saying about how these wrong influences have influenced your life today. Again, the more time and prayer you put into this step, the more growth and freedom you will have now. Aim to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes with the Lord on this step.

It’s going to be important to have this list as the next part of Resist is to put your spiritual strength behind freeing yourself from these influences. In our next post, we’ll go over an often talked about but seldom done step of forgiveness.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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