10/22 Resist by doing things God’s Way

 As we have seen in our last post, to Resist may be to find the key to the problem that  Jackson inner healingdrives us into repeating the issues again. We are designed to walk in freedom as Jesus Followers – but what does this mean? Whenever we lost our peace, we are facing a spiritual battle first.

Probably one of the largest and most unseen battles is around our anger, resentment and feelings when someone hurts us. Being human, I am sure this is something you, my reader, have faced as well. When we are hurt, wrongly accused or unjustly treated, our Heart can take an ‘offense’.

Again this in one of the most common battles we all face. How do we handle it God’s way? How do we Resist as He would have us Resist?

First of all, why do I need to forgive?

When someone hurts me, I am allowed to get angry, providing I deal with it on the day of hurt (Ephesians 4:26-27). But first, I need to talk to the Lord about how He wants me to deal with this issue: “Lord Jesus, do I forgive and pardon this person, OR do I respond with the Matthew 18 principle first?”

If it is the second choice, then I am to go to the person that has hurt me and confront them with how I have been offended (Matthew 18:15). If they receive me, I have ‘gained’ a brother; if they don’t, I go again at a later date with a witness. Finally, if that person still doesn’t make it right, I take the matter before the church leadership. After all that, I will still need to forgive them.

Often this anger is a button that has been pushed and I am now in reaction to the person. Remember, reactions are another sign that our heart has made a judgment and taken in some form of unforgiveness. Here are some points to think about when we Resist the poison of unforgiveness:

  1. Trying to make our “wounded” heart forgive ‘with our head’ doesn’t really work, because our heart may still ‘feel’ wronged and angry. We need to address the heart’s need to be ‘heard’ and express our hurt and anger in healthy ways – before asking your heart to forgive someone.
  2. The other major blockage, to forgiving from the heart, is pride and judgment. The heart thinks is has a ‘right’ to be angry or keep resentment.
  3. If I hang onto unforgiveness, I will live out the consequences. Remember Matthew 6:14-15, Father God ‘retains’ my trespasses until I learn to release and forgive. Otherwise, I may come under demonic bondage like the ‘tormenters’ in the story of the two servants, Matthew 18:21-35. These can be very liberating or serious consequences of not letting go of our wounds and hurts in God’s way..

So how do we really forgive in a practical way?

  1. First ask Jesus where He wants you to start:

“Lord, who do You want me to forgive today?”

You might already know someone you have judgment, unforgiveness or bitterness toward. He may give you a list; so which person does He want you to start with? Work through any heart issues to gain emotional release.

  1. Make sure your heart is willing to work on this area of wounding and hurt.

Work through any heart issues to gain emotional release. Allow the feelings of hate, resentment, etc for heart 9that person to come to the surface from their hidden places. It is okay to lay aside your “Christian control” and allow these feelings to surface. God knows they are they already. It’s YOU recognising them that YOU get free.

Give your heart a voice and allow the feelings of hate, resentment, etc for that person to come to the surface from their hidden places. If you find it hard to get in contact with your emotions, find them by visualizing the person in a ‘room’ in your heart. Another alternative is to see them in an empty chair, sitting in front of you. What does your heart want to say to them?

  1. It is important to verbalise your feelings by saying words such as “I am angry at you ‘Fred’ for ……….” aloud. Another alternative is to write an ‘open heart’ therapy letter to ‘Fred’.

We are encouraged by God to share our feelings, i.e. speaking truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). This can be to the person who has hurt you (if it is safe to do so) or to a friend, a counsellor or to God Himself.

  1. After facing your feelings, choose to forgive that person with an act of your will. Take your judgment off them. Say things out loud like: “I choose to forgive you ‘Fred’. I release you to be who God wants you to be. I set you free. I take my judgment off you.” Continue these statements until your heart releases the emotions that are holding you back.

Repent and ask God to forgive you for keeping the unforgiveness in your heart (1 John 1:9). Receive His forgiveness and forgive yourself too. Self-judgment is still being judgmental. (1 Corinthians 4:3-5)

  1. If you are still struggling with unforgiveness, ask Jesus if you have a spirit of unforgiveness. Again, you may need deliverance. However, most forgiveness blockages have to do with the emotional expression that your heart needs, before forgiveness is released.
  2. Ask the Lord to restore to you anything that the enemy has ‘stolen’ from you, because of your unforgiveness toward that person. Make any restitution or reconciliation IF He tells you to do so.

It may help your Heart to come into agreement with the following prayer:

“Father God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus. You know the path I have walked and the people that have knowingly or unknowingly hurt me. I choose by an act of my will and with permission of my heart to release them into Your hands for Your justice and mercy.

“I release my judgement on them and set them free to be who You want them to be. I set myself free to be who You want me to be. I choose to forgive and release them in Your name Jesus. I take that forgiveness and chose to forgive myself. Please restore to me what the enemy has taken as the result of this unforgiveness in my heart. Thank You, Jesus.”

Father God’s plan was for Jesus’ life, death and resurrection to restore our peace and harmony with Father God. Forgiveness sets the relationship right between all others, God and us. Daily forgiveness is the only way we can walk the path of abundant life promised us by Jesus. Your healing may depend on it.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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