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10/21 So what does ‘Resist’ mean when you are Hearing God?

In our last post, we talked about the necessity of learning to ‘Resist’ in your spiritual battle with the women w glassesenemy. Please know we are not talking about the ‘grit your teeth’, self-striving kind of ‘Resist’

Here is a story that may help you to see the difference.

‘Kayla’ had troubles when it came to climbing stairs, nor because of ill health but huge anxiety attacks especially whenever she attempted to climb any stairs where you could see through each step. She had learned 200 Bible verses and used these as weapons in her anxiety. She had learned breathing techniques and mental exercises to stop the nerve wrenching thoughts as she approached any stairs. He son had bruises on his arm as she would grip his arm for support, even going up an escalator.

What was going on here? She had learned to ‘Resist’ with great self-effort, energy depleting methods which in the end, did little good. Kayla was fighting a losing battle because she had not seen to root cause of her battle to resist the enemy. As she worked with us, the Lord showed her an event when she was about 15. Someone had grabbed her through an open staircase and had tried to sexual molest her. Even as she had blocked this from her conscious mind, her unconscious mind – or what the Bible calls the Heart – remembered and great terror resulted when she faced this unknown enemy.

Kayla had to return to the scene of the trauma at a heart level in order to be able to Resist the enemy’s lies. It was only here that she was healed enough to see and deal with the true cause of her anxiety. Once she saw the battle for what it was, she was able to Resist the doubt, gfear and sense of doom that staircase represented. Then she could ‘add your strength and will power to remove whatever is in her Heart that feeds the problem’.

One point I ant to make in this true story is that reciting Bible verses is not wrong but it neeeds to be in context with finding the root problems a person faces.  For Kayla, no amount of determined, hard effort could help as the underlying issues was a bleeding, open wound.  By allowing Jesus to show us the root issues in our live, we don’t need the determined, self-effort to struggle on and on.  He love us too much to leave this woundedness in our Heart and memory.

We Resist at the right place and surrender to Him when needed.   There is quite a different as too many people are resisting when they need to surrender to the Lord – and too many people are surrendering when they need to learn to Resist!

In our next post, we shall continue to see what we need to Resist in order to continue our growth in Jesus. Continue thought this week to see any places where you may need to Resist in the way that will bring freedom to you.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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