10/20 Hearing God and the next step in Growth: Resist

We have just finished the third step of growth in your Christian walk – to Repent. We also woman with ipadincluded a great book called ‘Surrender’. How do these two concepts fit together? Stay with us as we journey into our next step, that of ‘Resist’.

However, before we head in that direction, let’s do a quick review to keep everyone with us. We are looking at the 10 main steps in your walk with the Lord toward freedom. So far, we have set out the importance of learning to ‘Relinquish’, especially the ways the world looks at resolving problems and settling problems.

We faced the need to ‘Recognize’ and do things God’s way rather than our own and then onto seeing what the word ‘Repent’ really means. Here is the list again:

  1. Relinquish – to be able to let go of something, to surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. This means we need to let down our walls of self-protection, of pride and denial to even begin this journey.
  2. Recognize – What and how does the Holy Spirit get our attention on issues to be able to see the hidden parts of our heart?
  3. To Repent – once we recognize and see an issue, we need to agree with the Lord and say “Yes, You are right and I choose to do it Your way”.
  4. Resist – to add your strength and will power to remove whatever is in your Heart that feeds the problem,
  5. To Renounce – the enemy’s power source has kept this issue firmly planted by how do we see the enemy at work? What Strongholds keep us help captive?
  6. Renew – means to set our heart and mind on what the Word tells us rather than what we see in the physical world, to choose to follow the Word.
  7. Re-claim – all that the enemy has stolen and used to destroy us.
  8. Reinforce – determine to do things His way
  9. Retain -To keep the ground you and the Holy Spirit has conquered!
  10. Then finally, to Rejoice and enjoy the new freedom in Christ Jesus

So once again, we come back to what the word in front of us really means. To ‘Resist’ – what? When? Where and How? It is too easy to become ‘super-spiritual’ when it comes to these words and their meaning. That’s why we want to see each one in a new light and what it really means to YOU.

We can define the word Resist as ‘to add your strength and will power to remove whatever is in your Heart that feeds the problem’. We have our list of things the Holy Spirit pointed out that need to be addressed in our previous posts. It is with these issues, ‘sins’, hardness of heart, hurt areas, wrong thinking patterns, habits and so on, that we need to apply the word Resist.

We continue to grow and enter His kingdom by choice. God doesn’t do for us what we can do for ourselves. Participate in your own growth; it doesn’t just happen. Choose to see things as God does (Colossians 3:1-4, 10). You are responsible for your own growth, not your Sunday service or your home group.

So this means being conscious of the quiet conviction of the Spirit when we are faced with areas He want us to look at. It means taking the time to love ourselves as He does and set our Heat toward growth. Often there will be and ‘invisible force’ behind that sin, hardness of heart, hurt areas, wronth thing, habits and so on. It’s this push or encouragement to continue to do what we know is not the best for us that can come from the spiritual warfare that goes on around each of us.

Again, I’m not aiming at the ‘devil behind every bush’ way of seeing our problems …. but sometimes it is the lies and half-truths of the enemy that keep us caught in the webs of wrong behaviour. It is when we know this is happening, we need to learn to ‘Resist’, to set our Heart and spirit to do what He asks of us.

This step will help you to do something positive towed closing the doors of satanic invasion or influence to your life. Go back over your lists and say this out loud: “I choose to close the door to Satan and his demonic helpers in the area of ….. (whatever the Holy Spirit showed you)” You can take Deuteronomy 30:15-19 as your stand.

The choice of your will to shut every door is so important because it shows the Lord, Yourself and the Demonic World that you are serious about your repentance. You are proclaiming that you do not want this problem in your life any more !!!

Spend some time over this next week looking at the areas where the Spirit is encouraging you to ‘Resist’ the works of the enemy in your life.

In Conclusion

Growth requires the conviction of the Holy Spirit, determination, dedication and small, consistent steps to get there. We would climb Mount Everest this way too.

Remember, Jesus not only wants the destination of growth, but He also wants to walk the journey with us. Growth and change are the normal life for someone who follows Jesus Christ. Surrendering to God is a fundamental principle. ‘Legally’ we are perfect because of what Jesus has finished for us. However, we are still ‘a work in progress’!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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