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10/17 Accepting God’s Forgiveness is part of growth in Jesus

We spend one more post on the topic of receiving His forgiveness in learning to hear FeatherPenfrom God.  In counselling and mentoring, we have seen many people who just cannot accept that God can and will forgive them.  It’s like their Heart or their Conscience, or Mind believe their ‘sin’ is so bad, no one, especially God, can forgive them.

Sometimes the ‘sin’ is really is a big disaster, other times their ‘sin’ might seem rather small by other’s view.  However, we work with what the person believes – large or small.

When this belief stops a person receiving God’s forgiveness, it probably comes from one of many sources:

  1. They have judged themselves so harshly, nothing can remove their fatal ‘mistake’.
  2. A false view of God’s love and His ability to forgive and release is in question.
  3. Others know of their ‘sin’ and have also judged them as unforgivable.  Shame covers the lives now.
  4. The person has known very little nurturing forgiveness in their life, either from parents or others around them.  They have never ‘felt’ forgiveness and release by others.
  5. They have lived with this ‘sin’ so long, it’s hard to imagine not being held victim to the consequences.
  6. This sin has grown so much into their whole personality that not having the habits that go with the behaviour is hard to image …. or to believe that God could free them.

When someone states this belief – that they find it hard to accept God’s forgiveness, we ask them: “So how long do you need to suffer for this wrong? 5 years? 10 more years? Until you die?”

They often begin to see their position in a new light.  Beside our limited ability to repay from the past wrongs, the idea that God cannot ‘double dip’ as the Aussies say.  He can’t punish Jesus for our sins and then turn around and continue to punish us for them too.

We can never pay enough emotional, spiritual or personal striving to repay for any sin; that’s not how it works.  That’s exactly why we needed that ‘sinless Person’ to come and pay the price for us.  That was ‘the Word becoming Flesh’ to pay the price to set us free!

  The key is to “…humble yourself under God’s hand…….” and accept His way of dealing with the wrongs, the sin He convicts you about …. in His way.  We can never do this ‘our way’!

Then the next step? … to forgive yourself.  More on that later.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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