10/14 Recognising Truth is part of Hearing God and Maturity

phoneSo far in our Hearing God blog, we have touched on the first point in our grown as Jesus Followers – to learn to Relinquish.   Sometimes it is important to tie the next word in our series on ‘the 10 steps to Freedom in Christ’ with …. Recognise.

Many people have pointed out the fact that we live in a very self-cantered society.  We are encouraged to be independent and learn to take care of your own needs.  Human nature enhances this with a “After me, everyone come next….”.  You can see it in the business and political world but also in the media, on the roads and in the jungle we call life.

We inherited this attitude from the fallen nature, from the actions of the original couple – Adam and Eve.  Living for ourselves in a ‘Me first’ lifestyle entered in almost everyone’s family of origin and views as a teenager. With this so ingrained in us, it can be hard to see the influence of our actions on others.

It even calls in question: “What is sin?”  Are mistakes sin?  Is taking advantage of others to promote ourselves – sin – or good business practices?  We live at a time when ‘situational ethics’ defines right and wrong by the situation we are in.  Boundaries once clear as ‘sin’ as smudged by other’s opinions on these mistakes we might have made.

Still … what is ‘sin’?

By theology and hearing God, sin is ‘…missing the mark’.  However, that is a very broad definition.  The religious system would list many things as sin by tradition or one-sided thinking.  Once, doing anything on a Sunday would be a sin, along with playing cards, dancing or drinking.

heart5Is not taking care of my body in a healthy lifestyle ‘sin’?  Would holding bitterness towards another be sin or sharing gossip be listed as ‘sin’?  What about swearing or cheating at sports?  What about pressures and the driveness of living a life that hurts our heart?  ….and the list would go on and on.

However, this step in our series of ‘The 10 Steps to Freedom’ in Christ is a very important one.  We must recognise some of the way our ‘mistakes’ influence or even hurt others.  We need to recognise this pain on our own life and on others around us.  Otherwise, we live in a bubble of unreality, unaware of our actions on others.

Recognising or being aware of these areas in our life is one way the Holy Spirit gets our attention.  It is only then that we are able to see the hidden parts of our inner most thoughts, our Heart’s attitudes.  Remember the Heart is hidden from us and can lead us into more and more areas of pain we we follow blindly where the Heart would lead us.

Actually seeing these areas of blindness is not necessarily being sorry – with regret – but in recognition of the effects sin has on us and others.

In our past posts, we have asked you to allow the Holy Spirit to search your Heart – and even your lifestyle – to see what the Lord considers ‘sin’ in your own life.  Hopefully you have reached a point to ‘Relinquish’ the masks or be willing to be willing to let go of the things that stop your own growth.  Perhaps we could pick those things up and put them in a basket called ‘Personal Sin’.  …or we could called these ‘Revealed sins’ as they stop you from finding the wholeness and peace with God you desire.

At this step in your growth, take about 10 or 15 minutes to list those things that the Lord would put on your list.  What are the major stumbling blocks to your own growth?  At this point, again just list the things the Holy Spirit brings to your mind by conviction rather than stepping into condemnation.

Add this list to what you have written out so far.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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