10/13 The Step of Repentance in Hearing God – Fear of Rejection

Ok, you know have your list because you stopped and listened to the voice of your Creator.  Some woman with ipadof you might even have two lists since we discussed this exercise in two posts.  Great!.  What next?

    Try not to be over-whelmed with anything the Holy Spirit shows you.  There is nothing He doesn’t already know about you and yet He loved you before you chose to accept Him.  So much so that our almighty Creator chose to enter this born, born as a baby and to die so that we could be free from the guilt and fears we easily pick up.

So from here, take your list and begin to work through it, determined to hear God on the issue – not condemnation!  Give Him time to speak to you about the issue so you can know, feel and think about the effects of this ‘sin’ in your life.

We all face the fear of Rejection!

We mentioned before ‘fear of what’. Let’s say fear of rejection from others.  I, as a Christian counsellor, am convinced this is one issue 99.99999999999999% of all people have to deal with.  Jesus was probably the only One who was unaffected until He felt God’s rejection of our sins on the cross.  If that fear is there, let’s deal it with rather than use the world’s ways of dealing with the fruit of rejection.

Perhaps it would help to define what we mean by repentance as it is one of the words Christians throw around so much.  Simply translated, repentance means to turn around and do the opposite.  So if we are influenced by a fear of other’s rejection, what would repentance look like for me?  It would mean having a clear picture of the issue and then, “Jesus what do you want me to do about this fear of rejection?” Obviously, He wants us to all live in freedom from any fear.  He paid the price to restore us back to our Creator so we could deal with all fears.

Turning and doing the opposite would look like what?  First seeing it – that’s what our series is aiming for.  Then seeing the influence of this ‘sin’ as something that separates us from God and others, we can make a beginning to deal with it.  If I am afraid others will reject me, how might I act?  So why is the fear of rejection a ‘sin’?

What would life look like if this fear was gone?

We need to glimpse how this fear of rejection is stunting your life and relationships with others before we can really say “I want it gone”.  Look around you and see how much this fear controls others …. and maybe yourself.  What would it feel like to have it gone?  How would it influence your behaviour with others?  Then your self-confidence to become the best you could be …. ?

This is the freedom we are given as we learn to become Jesus followers.  He can help us drop this debilitating behaviour and attitude as the leaves fall from the trees in autumn … if we work with Him! To Repent – once we recognize and see an issue – we need to agree with the Lord and say “Yes, You are right and I choose to do it Your way”.

We will continue to trace this pattern of Repentance in our next post on Hearing God by seeing we have a choice, not necessarily a feeling.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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